3DP Breaks Through The Manufacturing Problems Of Furniture Industry

3DP Breaks Through The Manufacturing Problems Of Furniture Industry

With the gradual maturity of 3D printing technology, and development. In addition to electronic appliances, machinery, high-tech industries, etc., some industries such as furniture and construction are very interested in 3D printing. For them, 3D printing technology and advance cnc machining is a very new production technology, and some projects that are difficult to solve by traditional craftsmanship, they 3D printing can effectively solve the problem.

Or (Originalrelationship) is a home life culture brand created with original design, which has won many awards for red dot design and IF design. It is committed to creating a new urban living experience for users who pursue life ideals. In addition to design aesthetics, ergonomic comfort is also very important.

During the red dot design submission this year, Or found be-cu.com, they had a piece of entry that had to be sampled in a short period of time, and the finished product had to be made for the competition.

According to Or’s previous sample preparation method, they need to go to Fujian to find a carpenter master. After communicating with the master, the master starts to make samples. The production time takes about half a month. Modifications, iterations, usually a 2-3 month cycle for a sample determination.

The overall design of the entry [im Chair] adopts rounded corners, ergonomic fit, and the back of the chair can be loaded and unloaded with cushions to achieve the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer. A large number of radian and rounded corner structures cannot be accurately measured by craftsmen. They can only make, measure and modify by feeling, and cannot quickly restore the design concept 100%.

And BE-CU 3D Printing china company, after getting the 3D digital model design of [im Chair], directly imported it into the Stratasy Fortus 900mc 3D printer to print the main body of the chair, and the Objet J750 3D printer to print the soft rubber back pad. After printing, they are assembled together. After measurement, the accuracy error in all aspects is within 0.05mm of the original design, and the production cycle is only 2 days.

In addition to being fast and precise, the most prominent advantage of 3D printing is the ability to create complex curved structures that other machines and equipment cannot. As shown in Figure 1 below, it is a display shelf made by a traditional furniture and props industry manufacturer for customers. There is one surface structure at the end on the left and one at the top on the right. Machining requires the selection of special plates, equipment and a large amount of material to be cut. Open mold injection molding is too costly for individual product customization. 3D printing is the best option.

The Stratasys FDM 3D printer used by be-cu.com has stable equipment and high printing accuracy. The printing materials used are engineering-grade materials certified by the American Society for Materials. There are many kinds of materials (ABS, ASA, PA, PC, PEKK, PPS) , ULTEM, etc.), withstood the test of extreme environments, whether it is functional testing or direct production of finished products. It can print many difficult problems that cannot be made by traditional crafts. Xingyou looks forward to working with you to explore new manufacturing together.

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