9 methods of app promotion and marketing

We develop an APP product, it is useless just to make it, we also have to app promotion and marketing, to promote our app, to obtain a large number of loyal users, this is our ultimate goal.

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9 methods of app promotion and marketing

1. Log in to the relevant application recommendation platform

First, we log in to various APP recommended websites, stores, and APP promotion platforms. There are many platforms in this category, such as Apple’s official app store AppStore and Android software app store Google Play, etc., in addition to mobile MM, Tianyi Space and Wo store, Android market and software store, Xiaomi app and many more. There are a lot of these app application platforms on the Internet. You can find out by yourself, so I won’t introduce them one by one here.

2. Ranking optimization (commonly known as brushing the list)

Ranking optimization refers to some major application platforms and stores. We can optimize the ranking of apps, just like the principle of search engine optimization that we are carrying out for related operations. The ranking rules on different platforms are different, so the optimization methods are also different, but under normal circumstances, there are generally the following 4 factors that affect app ranking.

(1) The number of downloads and installations of app users.
(2) App usage status: number of openings, stay time, retention rate, download status, number of comments, star rating, etc. However, generally new app applications or newly updated app products will have a special weight.
(3) The displayed vocabulary in the title and keywords of the APP must match the keywords searched by our target users.
(4) Scoring of app software.

3. Code issuing internal test

The code-sending internal test is actually hunger marketing. Before the software is officially launched, continue to build momentum and warm up to shape the image and value of the APP, and increase users’ expectations of the APP and the desire to download and use it. When the time is right, the internal test will be announced. For example, only 1,000 internal test codes will be issued and 1,000 people will be invited to conduct the internal test.

4. Offline pre-installation

If you have the strength or resources, you can cooperate with some mobile phone manufacturers to directly pre-install your APP in their mobile phones before they leave the factory. The effect will be good, but this requires either a very strong resource relationship or Have sufficient financial strength.

5. Application of Internet Open Platform

All major platforms on the Internet are opening up, such as Tencent open platform, 360 open platform, Baidu open platform, Kaixin.com open platform, Renren open platform, etc. We can involve APP in these open platforms and directly attract the massive users on these open platforms.

6. Soft article marketing

The spread of the article is very strong. And text is very easy to market users. There are three common advertising strategies for advertizing on APP.
(1) Please authoritative media to report on us.
(2) Ask professional organizations or media to evaluate our products and write evaluation drafts.
(3) Ask some industry experts and experts who are influential among users to write commentary articles.

7. Free for a limited time

For chargeable APP applications (or charging for some functions within the application), a limited time free strategy can be adopted. This is a commonly used method, but it is also a more effective method. On the Internet, there are many time-limited free platforms, which must be used well, such as Fun, iApps, Apple Park, Softhunting, NetEase, etc.

8. Resource exchange

Our APP itself is a resource and a channel, so we can use the APP’s own resources to exchange resources with other apps, media, platforms, etc. However, it is important to note that when designing an APP, some recommended locations must be reserved, no matter where it is, but there must be one. This is the bargaining chip for resource exchange.

9. Online advertising

Although online advertising costs money, if our promotion strategy is appropriate, it can also be a way to quickly increase our app installs.

The editor here suggests that we choose some Internet and mobile Internet advertising companies that can pay for results, or cooperate with some advertising alliance platforms, such as CPA advertising. This advertising form has low risk, fast effects, and data. Control, accurate traffic, wide coverage, low cost, etc., is a very good means for the promotion and listing of new products. For example, cpa advertising platforms such as Weishang Alliance, there are many merchants promoting new app products on it, which is relatively reliable.

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