App promotion channels and strategic plans-team structure

Here we briefly introduces the organizational structure and member job responsibilities of the mobile Internet operation promotion team. It has a certain generality.

Generally speaking, the structure of the market operation department is roughly: one takes the lead, one does channel and traffic, and the other plays social media. Yes, a copywriter in Tianma Starry Sky, and then some other miscellaneous assistants.

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App promotion channels and strategic plans-team structure

1. Job Responsibilities of Director of Market Operations:

(1) Responsible for the overall planning of the content of the mobile Internet products developed by the company and the formulation and execution of operating strategies.
(2) Responsible for formulating quarterly and monthly operation plans.
(3) Sort out the data reports of various product operation channels, and collect and analyze similar competitive product intelligence on a regular basis. Complete the planning and execution of activities, and keep track of records.
(4) Build and improve App promotion and distribution channels to promote App download and use.
(5) Expansion and maintenance of various Internet marketing channels such as online media, website alliances, blogs, forums, community marketing, SNS, etc.
(6) Responsible for effective communication with various media in the mobile Internet field, mobilizing various resources, and promoting the joint promotion of the company’s Internet products and related channels and media, so as to increase the market awareness of the company’s products.
(7) Responsible for carrying out the operation and promotion activities of the company’s own products through Weibo, WeChat and other network promotion methods, collecting relevant marketing success stories and analyzing them.
(8) Responsible for the production of content and topics, can carry out promotion activities in conjunction with hot events, and timely monitor and handle various positive and negative events in the process of product operation activities.
(9) Tracking the effect of operation promotion, analyzing data and feedback, sharing promotion experience; mining and analyzing target users’ usage habits, emotions and experience feelings, and grasping news hot spots in real time.
(10) Planning, organizing, evaluating and optimizing the promotion plan.
(11) Analyze App operating data, and continuously optimize the operating plan based on the analysis results.

Job comment:

From the main point of job responsibilities, the marketing director should be responsible for content planning, operation strategy and plan formulation, channel construction and supervision, new media promotion and implementation tracking, APP operation data analysis, team building and management.

2. Responsibilities of copywriting planning:

(1) Clear project goals, quickly understand customer needs, and work closely with relevant coordination departments to provide fast, accurate, and wonderful desk support.
(2) Responsible for the writing of promotional copy and promotional material copy.
(3) Responsible for creative content writing, writing related copywriting content for online activities, advertising communication, and online public relations manuscripts.
(4) Accumulate experience in creative output and content writing to form knowledge management for reference by other projects.

Post comments:

The copywriting planning post is a text output post, which requires good text skills, creativity, and a sense of hot spots. It is best to have successful cases in event marketing communication.

3. Job Responsibilities of Channel Manager (BD Development):

(1) In-depth study of the company’s products and industries, and formulate an expansion plan that suits the company’s development strategy.
(2) According to the company’s business development needs, seek and explore cooperation resources that are beneficial to the company.
(3) Responsible for business development and cooperation, and establish good business cooperation relationships with other clients and promotion channels (major markets).
(4) Analyze promotion data, adjust promotion strategies in a targeted manner, and increase downloads, installations, and activity.
(5) Assist the operation and promotion of APP products, overall planning and special planning.

Job comment:

As the name suggests, the channel manager is to expand various Internet traffic channels. All channel cooperation that contributes to the increase of APP traffic belongs to the scope of work. The job responsibility of the channel manager is to formulate channel expansion plans, lead BD specialists to expand various markets, analyze data, and complete Traffic indicators set by the operations director.

4. Job responsibilities of new media promotion manager:

(1) Those who have Internet beliefs, it is best to be heavy users, develop new media promotion plans, and have strong execution.
(2). Familiar with new media, be familiar with Weibo and WeChat, be familiar with large numbers, and have operated Weibo grassroots accounts and WeChat official accounts better!
(3) Have judgment, can analyze hot events, know how to take advantage of the situation, have the spirit of self-deprecating, and can be black and moderately black.
(4) If you have combat experience, have never been in the forums, have not played on Weibo, or swiped on WeChat, it’s fine, regardless of Mingsao and Mengsao, never give up!

Post Comment:

This post requires “you can’t live without a mobile phone and thinks it is more important than sex”, can cooperate with copywriting to play various social media channels, and have a sense of smell and practical experience in event marketing and hot spots.

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