ASA backend operation function collection

Both the Campaign and Ad Group pages contain keyword content. They have exactly the same keyword data dimensions and actionable functions, except that they correspond to different tiers.

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ASA backend operation function collection

Keywords are divided into placement terms, search terms and blocked terms.

Placement terms are the keywords that we place ourselves

Search terms are the keywords specifically searched by users.

Blocking words are set by the placement staff, and the keywords added to the blocking words will not be displayed when users search for them.

The placement and search terms are sometimes inconsistent, for example.

For example, if we put in the keyword game and turn on fuzzy match, when the customer searches for free game and matches the bidding ad of game, then the Keywords of this ad is game, while the Search Terms is free game.


You can change CPT bids, add keywords, copy keywords, and change keyword status on the Keywords page.

Changing CPT bids

There are two ways to adjust the CPT bid: first, you can directly adjust the Max CPT in the interface, but you can only operate one keyword bid at a time; second, you can select multiple keywords to adjust the price in batch.

Batch adjust CPT Bid process: check the keywords, click Actions, click Selected Keywords or All Keywords, and then a window will pop up to modify the CPT Bid, you can choose to enter the new bid directly, increase the bid according to the amount and proportion (example: add 5 USD to the original bid), or increase the bid by 5 USD.

You can choose to enter a new bid directly, increase the bid by an amount and percentage (e.g. add 5 USD to the original bid, or increase the original bid by 5%), or decrease the bid by an amount and percentage. Note: CPT bids cannot exceed $1000.

Adding Keywords

Keywords can be added directly by clicking Add Keywords to an Ad Group on the page, or by uploading Keywords in the Actions drop-down box.

Copy Keywords

To copy keywords, you can also choose to copy the selected keywords or all keywords, by clicking on the Actions drop-down box and then clicking on Selected Keywords or All Keywords in Duplicate.

You can select the location of the copied keywords (bid plan group and bid plan), but you cannot change the CPT Bid of the keywords here.

Change Keyword Status

Check the keywords you want to change the status of, and click Actions to change the keyword status to Activate or Pause in the drop-down box.

There is no function to delete the keyword here, you need to delete the keyword in the upload keyword document.

Search Terms

There is not much to do in Search Terms, but there is a function to add to placement terms and add to blocked terms.

Check the keywords, click Actions and then click Add as Keywords to add the search terms to the placement terms, similarly, click Add as Negative Keywords to add to the blocking terms.

Search term list may appear (Low volume terms) (low volume search terms) results, this is because only the number of times to display 10 or more, the data report will display the search term, if the search term is displayed less than 10 times, the search term part will be displayed as (Low volume terms).

If the search term is displayed less than 10 times, the search term part will be displayed as (Low volume terms). The data of this part of the term will be included in the data of (Low volume terms).

Negative Keywords

Both bidding plans and keyword groups can have blocked terms, but the corresponding levels are different. The blocked words in the bid plan level are for all keywords in the bid plan, while the blocked words in the keyword group are only for a single keyword group.

There are 3 functions that can be set in the blocking words: Add Negative Keywords, Delete Negative Keywords and Copy Negative Keywords.

Click Add Negative Keywords to add a blocking word, and you can set either abroad or an exact match.

Let’s take an example to see the difference: if you add the block word game, if you set the match mode to exact match, only the keyword game will be blocked, and games and the free game will not be blocked; if you set the match mode to fuzzy match, then games and the free game will also be blocked.

Another way to add blocked words is to click Upload Keywords in the drop-down box, which is the mode of uploading documents.

If you want to delete the blocked words, check the blocked words and click Delete in the drop-down box.

Similarly, to copy the blocked words, click Selected Negative Keywords or All Negative Keywords in the Duplicate drop-down box.

You can choose whether to copy the blocked words to the bid plan or to the keyword group.

So far today, the interface and features of the official Apple Search Ads website have all been explained. If you missed some of the content or have forgotten the previous content, you can read the previous articles.

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