Can I include symbols in the name when setting the app name in iTC backend?

It has been three years since Apple’s search bidding advertising (ASM) opened, and it has gradually become an important channel for mainland developers to buy volume in overseas markets in the US, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, where overseas products are exploding.

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Can I include symbols in the name when setting the app name in iTC backend?

Therefore, we have compiled the data of all the products with ASM from the website of SevenMiles, as well as the relevant data published by the industry, to help you analyze the recent situation of ASM placement as a whole.

This analysis focuses on the product data (number, category, listings, etc.) and keyword data (type, number, etc.) of the ads placed.

This week’s mini-lesson will start with the ASM data in the US.

The US is the first country to open up ASM, with 16,719 active ASM products so far, twice as many as Japan and four times as many as Korea.

The reason for the high number of ASM products placed in the US is that there are more products in the US App Store and the base is large; secondly, the user data in the US performs well, both in terms of click-through rate (TTR) and install rate (CR), which exceeds the average user data. (Data from Search Ads HQ 2019 data report)

So with so many products placed in ASM, which categories have the most competition?

As shown in the chart below, the games category is in first place. The remaining categories with a high number of products with ASM are Education, Tools and Health.

We believe that the reason for the top three in the Tools and Health categories is related to the cost, as their average cost per click is around 0.8 USD. The high percentage of education products is due to the relatively stable user retention and ROI.

In terms of product rankings, half of the products with ASM are ranked in the category list, which gives them a competitive advantage over unranked products because natural downloads are an important factor in how Apple allocates ad display volume.

Products with more than half of the unranked apps by category

For keywords, we took the top 10 most competitive keywords in the US ASM.

Most of these keywords are brand words or industry words. Interestingly, most of the traffic of brand words for many products are taken away by competing products.

From the classification of keywords, the composition of the US ASM Top 10 bidding hot words are result on the one hand reflects the recent hot products in these categories, on the other hand, it also shows that there are many other categories of products are also competing for these highly popular brand and industry words.


The United States has a very high volume of users as well as a high level of competition, and it has the most products placed in ASM among the countries and regions it is open to.

the quality of users in the U.S. is high, and the user conversion rate for U.S. ASMs is higher than most regions.

Apart from games, the strongest competition for App advertising in the app category is currently in the education, tools and health and fitness categories. Among them, the user cost of tools and health and fitness products is still at a relatively low level.

Among the products with ASM bidding, there are many products with top rankings, and they will have more competitive advantages than those without rankings.

Most of the buzzwords in ASM bidding are brand words or industry words, and products from other categories besides this category will also participate in bidding these buzzwords.

Q1: How long does it take to upgrade the new version of an app after it has just been put on the Apple App Store?

A1:Apple has no specific rules, but it is better to upgrade the new version after two to three days.

Q2:What should I do if the new app has the same name as an app that has already been shelved when I put it on the Apple App Store?

A2:Apple App Store generally cannot shelve the app with the same name, so you can consider changing the app name first. If you don’t want to change the name of the app, you can try to add a subtitle after the main title, and the final success will depend on the final audit result of Apple.

Q3:How can I appeal if the app is restricted from being displayed on the App Store?

A3:If the offending item of the App is within the scope of App Store, the developer can provide software copyright, authorization letter, personal ID card (business license) and other relevant proofs as well as complaint instructions to [email protected]邮箱, and App Store staff will handle it within 7 working days after verification, click to view: App Store penalty rules and Standard.

Q4:Does it belong to the punishment given by Apple if some keywords covered by the App have fallen out of the list?

A4:If individual keywords covered by the App appear on the list, generally speaking, they do not belong to the punishment given by Apple. The situation of clearing the words, clearing the list, and taking down the list are the punishment measures given by Apple. In addition, developers need to pay more attention to the emails sent by Apple, generally Apple will send emails to notify developers if there are penalties.

Q5: How can I change the classification of the App in Vivo App Store if I have chosen the wrong one?

A5: Select “Vivo App Category” in [Management Center] – [Apps & Games] – [Work Order System] of Vivo Open Platform and submit the work order as required.

Q6:What’s the reason for not being able to search for the app when I add it to the ASM ads for the app?

A6:The general reasons for this situation include: ① the added product is not online or violates the ASM advertising policy; ② the new online product or updated version, if it has not exceeded 24 hours; ③ the ASM account is not associated or authorized by its developer account.

Q7: When setting the app name in iTC backend, can the name contain symbols?

A7: Generally it is possible to have some punctuation symbols in the application name, such as comma, period, exclamation mark, etc. But generally it is not possible to include special symbols, such as comma, period, exclamation mark, etc. But generally, you cannot include special symbols, such as line break, carriage return, etc.

Q8:Do I need to submit an ICP record to apply for an Apple developer account (company account)?

A8:At present, it is not required.

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