Education App shall not implant ads and games

On September 5, eight departments, including the Ministry of Education and the Central Internet Information Office, jointly issued the Opinions on Guiding the Orderly and Healthy Development of Educational Mobile Internet Applications (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”), which aims to regulate and guide educational apps in a stricter, more comprehensive and long-term manner. The information in the Opinions is summarized as follows.

Table of Content

Education App shall not implant ads and games

It is recommended that the educational apps related to them should take down the relevant ads as soon as possible to avoid being dealt with for violating this regulation. Meanwhile, for other educational apps, it is recommended to raise the threshold for advertising on the platform and raise the quality of advertising content, so as to strictly prohibit false and vulgar advertisements.

1. Educational apps whose users are underage users should limit the length of use and clarify the age-appropriate range.

2, with forums, communities, messages and other functions of education App, should establish a system of information review.

3, as a teaching, management tools require the unified use of educational App, not to charge students and parents any fees, not to implant commercial advertising and games.

4, the recommended use of educational apps should follow the principle of voluntary, not bound to teaching and management behavior, not linked to credits, grades and merit evaluation.

5, for teaching, management, and service of education App, should be fully functional, business collaboration, information sharing comprehensive App, to avoid the proliferation of applications.

6, undertake admissions, examination registration, results in query education App, in principle, should be run by the education administration department and school management.

7, the public security will be on the dairy shelves of the education App, security technology testing, for malicious code and other security risks and not real name registration App clean up the shelves.

At the same time, after the introduction of the “Opinions”, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Network Information, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Press and Publication, and other departments will collectively conduct a comprehensive inventory of education apps, and make appropriate punishments for apps suspected of malicious bundling of users, leakage of user privacy, vulgar content and other problems.

No ads and games in education apps

Ad placement is a feature that most of the apps are currently implanted with the purpose of increasing the cash flow of the product or increasing the exposure of the product so as to promote user downloads.

This time, the “Opinions” clearly point out that education apps, which are required to be used uniformly as teaching and management tools, shall not charge students and parents any fees, and shall not have advertisements and games.

Although the above regulations state that games are not allowed in education apps, developers can choose two product categories in the App Store when selecting apps for listing.

Therefore, it is recommended that developers of educational apps, if the content of their products is too heavy and too many games, may choose the classification of their products again, and change the classification of education to games, so as to avoid being bound by the Opinions.

Caution is needed for results checking apps

At the same time, it is also pointed out in the regulations: the education App that undertakes admissions, examination registration, and results in inquiry, in principle, should be run and managed by the education administration department and the school itself.

This means that educational apps with these functions will be directly investigated. It is recommended that such developers should actively contact local education departments and schools to improve their products and unbind them from the official news directly.

An education app result query page

At the same time, for those platforms that do not belong to educational products, but have functions such as examination registration and result inquiry, such as a website in which there is an examination result inquiry function, or through which enrollment registration can be made, etc.

It is recommended that such developers, it is best to demand the cooperation of the relevant schools, institutions, to obtain official authorization and related qualifications; or can also be directly off the shelves to shut down such functions, to avoid policy changes and be misunderstood.

The public security will be strictly checked daily on the shelves App

In the live interpretation of the “Opinions”, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security has pointed out that: the public security organs have implemented a system of local responsibility for the management of application stores, will carry out daily security technical inspection of the App on the shelves, and clean up the shelves with malicious code and other security risks and not registered in real names App. at the same time, the information content released by the App security supervision.

This arrangement is not only for education apps that will be available on the App Store, but also for education apps that are available on Android. At the same time, the public security department will also activate security technology to monitor educational apps that are already on the App Store.

As for the content spread in the education App, once the App is found to publish and spread illegal and harmful information related to pornography and gambling, public security will investigate and deal with it according to law. This means that the education App has officially ushered in a comprehensive regulation!

It is recommended that developers who plan to put up apps in major app stores in the near future should monitor their products again before putting them on the shelves to avoid problems being detected as soon as they are put up.

At the same time, developers should actively cooperate with the real name registration and other operations when listing their products. For education apps that are already on the shelves, the content of the platform is still the focus of investigation and improvement.

Final Opinion

From the series of moves made by the relevant state departments this year, education apps will enter a comprehensive reform stage. It is recommended that developers of related products improve their products as soon as possible to eliminate harmful information on the platform.

At the same time, the state’s protection of minors should also become increasingly strict, so it is recommended that platforms with underage users should take countermeasures as soon as possible to avoid being mistakenly taken off the shelves.

It is also recommended that developers should check the information of the Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Education and other relevant policy issuing departments to understand the relevant regulations at the first time of policy release.

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