forces under the hallux valgus foot before and after surgery

Abnormalities in the hallux valgus foot and changes after surgery were investigated by measuring the distribuiion of load on the foot in walking. Hallux valgus was associated with reduced load imposed on the toes, and on the medial side of the forefoot, compared with a large sample of healthy feet. Abnormalities correlated with the degree of the deformity. Both Keller’s operation and a wedge displacement osteotomy of the first metatarsal not only failed to restore normal loading but increased the abnormalities of loading seen preoperatively. A large decrease in the angle between first and second metatarsals as a result of surgery minimized this increase. A silastic arthroplasty did not carry high loads when used to treat hallux valgus, but near normal loads were imposed on it when used for hallux rigidus. Considerable variability was found in the loading distribution on the healthy feet. The distribution between first and second metatarsal heads was partially dependent upon their protrusions, relative to the direction of walking. The changes in the relationships between the loadings on the forefoot and skeletal shape in response to surgical operations are important for our understanding of treatment of the hallux valgus foot.

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