Google Play Lowers Subscription Cut to 15% For All Apps and Games

Google Play lowers subscription cut to 15% for all apps and games. Previously, Google had a feud with Epic Games, which resulted in a lawsuit.

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Google stated that its decision to lower the cut stemmed from wanting to help developers build successful and sustainable businesses. Additionally, Google wanted to help support the specific needs of developers offering subscriptions.

But now, Google declared they had conducted research and realized that 99% of developers qualified for a service fee of 15% or less.

Therefore, Google decided to remove the 12-month condition. This means that Google would lower the service fee for all subscriptions on Google Play to 15%, starting from day one.  The new service fee cuts will be introduced on January 1st, 2022.

Also, Google announced that the Ebooks and on-demand music streaming services would be eligible for an even lower service fee of 10% as a part of their Media Experience programThis way, Google explained, they would support not just developers but also artists and authors.

This new change means that first-year subscription fees would be cut in half for developers offering subscriptions, Google revealed.

Google’s Assistance to Developers

Google stated that they worked with developers daily and that they understood the struggles they faced. However, they said that Google had provided marketing tools in the Play Console, proper education on Play Academy, leadership resources, various accelerator programs, and many more.

Additionally, in their press release, Google mentioned that the apps were incredibly important in the mobile world, but their services also should reach TVs, watches, tablets, and even cars.

Google stated that their ultimate mission was to make those platforms more accessible for developers. Because of it, Google had launched the Play Media Experience program so that video, audio, and book developers could help grow the Android platform. Along with many fee cuts they’ve made, Google also put a 15% service fee on the multi-screen experience development.

As a platform, Google continued, they couldn’t succeed if their partners were not successful. Hence the Android and Google Play teams have always listened to their developer partners from all over the world. Their partners’ input, Google revealed, was always essential to them.

Luis von Ahn, co-founder, and CEO of Duolingo, said they were excited to partner with Google. Moreover, he stated that they liked seeing Google collaborating with so many developers. In the case of Duolingo, he noted, these new reductions in fees would help accelerate their mission of making language learning universally accessible.

Also, they stated that they were looking forward to seeing more businesses succeed and reach new heights on Android. Additionally, Google wanted to encourage developers to participate in further discussions about new ways to improve Google’s developer support.

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