Highly popular keywords fall into the list of serious phenomenon

Data monitoring feedback keyword dropout phenomenon is more serious, high hot keywords (search index ≥ 5000 keywords) in the product more or less dropout phenomenon. Data specially compiled the relevant data to verify this phenomenon and help developers find out the relevant rules.

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Highly popular keywords fall into the list of serious phenomenon

This time, we mainly extracted the keywords with search index ≥5000 from June 15 to June 26, and made an overall analysis from the impact of the product and the keywords on the list respectively.

Falling keywords affect 5.1w+ products

According to the data, June 15, 16 and 17 did not find the phenomenon of related keywords falling on the list, from June 18 to 26, the total number of products affected 51709, of which the number of products affected on the 18th, 19th and 22nd is more than 1.1w+.

Although the impact range is not very wide, but because most of the keywords in the list are high hot keywords, so the impact on the product itself is still relatively high, I hope developers should pay extra attention to this phenomenon in the near future and should not be taken lightly.

Book and game products have a higher impact rate

From the data of product classification, this time the game, education, tools are more affected products, but according to the impact rate (the number of affected products / total number of products) to books, games, photography and video, finance, reference products are more affected.

According to the keyword ranking, there will be some products with highly relevant words also appear to fall on the list, although the specific reasons have not been identified, but the current situation, developers need to observe the brand words and high relevance of the high hot words, as soon as possible to adjust the strategy to protect.

Tools, financial keywords are more affected

According to the keywords that fell from the list, the keywords were affected in a wide range, accounting for about 40% to 50% of the total.

There are more than 100 apps with the same keywords falling out of the list every day. The keywords “boy”, “tap” and “stream” affected more than 150 apps.

The affected keywords are mainly tools and financial keywords, which account for a relatively high proportion.

Keyword algorithm adjustment, not related to large and small factories

This time, there are both large and small product developers, and 37 Apple’s own products are affected.

Therefore, this is a unified treatment by Apple, and it is likely that the keyword algorithm will be adjusted.


1、For this keyword drop phenomenon, developers do not need to be overly anxious, and adjust the optimization plan as soon as possible to protect the product.

2、Remind the developers of books and games to focus on the keywords of their products, as Apple has made more serious adjustments to the relevant categories of products.

3、The keyword dropout phenomenon is still ongoing, developers need to pay extra attention to their own product-related developments in the near future to ensure that they can be the first to deal with it.

4、According to the data feedback, the comments do not have a direct impact on the keyword drop list, but developers are reminded that Apple is indeed taking relevant review measures for the comments recently, which are relatively strict, so developers need to pay extra attention.

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