How important is the Chinese market to ASML? Revenue accounts for about 11%, and may reach 30% in the future

As we all know, ASML is the best lithography machine manufacturer in the world, especially EUV lithography machine can only be produced by ASML, and EUV lithography machine must be used when producing chips below 10nm.

So just relying on the EUV lithography machine, ASML is truly invincible, and all chip companies have to ask for it, because as long as its EUV lithography machine cannot be bought, it cannot be produced below 10nm. chip too.

Of course, as the world’s top lithography machine company, ASML will not be so good. Let all chip companies ask for it. If it is high, then the business will not last long. A peaceful fortune.

Therefore, we have seen that ASML has been very proactive in dealing with the Chinese market, and has repeatedly stated that ASML is willing to strive to provide all the technologies it can provide, except for certain policies and regulations.

In fact, what I said means I didn’t say it. The unrestricted is the DUV lithography machine, but the EUV lithography machine is limited. Although we also need the DUV lithography machine, the EUV lithography machine is what we need the most, but we can’t buy it. Come on, say “hammer”.

But through the repeated statements of ASML, we can basically determine the fact that the Chinese market is still very important to ASML, so how important is it?

ASML recently stated that from 2021 to 2022, the demand for ASML’s products in China is very strong, and it is predicted that the sales in the Chinese market will be about 2 billion euros (about 14.4 billion yuan).

2 billion euros, does it matter to ASML? Of course it matters.

According to ASML’s report, ASML’s revenue in 2020 is about 14 billion euros, and 2021 revenue is expected to increase by 35% compared with 2020, which is about 18.9 billion euros. And 2 billion euros would then be around 11% of revenue in 2021, which is of course important.

More importantly, with the development of the Chinese market in the field of chip manufacturing, more and more fabs will be built in China, and these fabs need lithography machines. The previous agency predicted that after 2025, That is, when China’s chip self-sufficiency rate reaches 70%, ASML’s sales in China may reach 30% of its total revenue.

Therefore, ASML must pay attention to the Chinese market and not allow losses. First, it is afraid that other manufacturers will take it away. Second, it is afraid that China’s self-developed research will succeed and ASML will not be needed. Therefore, ASML has repeatedly stated its position, and this is the purpose.

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