How To Custom Die Casting Products In China

As we all know, the procurement of die-casting parts is much more complicated than that of other manufacturing processes. Die-casting is a metal die-casting process, which is characterized by pressing molten metal at 650°C into the mold cavity under high pressure, even though there are many die casting companies in China. The second step of processing is also difficult to find an excellent and suitable die-casting manufacturer in China.

First, I will share some examples of problems encountered by customers:

  1. Provide the lowest price, but open a smaller mold, and the mold is simple. It is difficult to mass produce. Or when they ask for mass production at a high price, let you choose: agree to the price or move the mold to another factory. Finally, you only accept this high fee.
  2. No professional knowledge. Everyone wants to make money, and every factory can be involved in many industries. If some company’s website says that they mainly make plastic products, and you choose them as the die casting supplier, I don’t think it makes any sense.
  3. If there is only a small die-casting machine, but your die-casting product is larger. I suggest you find another die-casting company if the die-casting parts are of high quality. Maybe you can try to choose a center furnace for aluminum die casting process.

Secondly, about confirming the order of aluminum die-casting parts:

As you know, it is difficult to replace castings after the die casting tooling is completed, so please refer to the tips for making die castings:

  1. Try to make some prototypes through cnc processing, I suggest you choose a die-casting factory to do this work, because they understand this technology. Maybe they will give you some advice or DFM before or after the prototype is completed.
  2. Maybe some products cannot be produced by die casting process. So you can try to find another wayreplace. For example, if the iPhone case can be die-cast, why didn’t Apple choose this process? And you’d better choose adc12 material, because it can save time and cost.
  3. You must understand die-casting parts and learn more about die-casting. Please visit more die-casting companies to understand what is die-casting, what are die-casting products, and the difference between die-casting products and other products.
  4. A professional company with a long history is your best choice. You can choose and try to find the company most suitable for your project.

Finally, how to find a high-quality die-casting manufacturer in China:

In order to better complete your project, how to choose a high-quality die casting manufacturer in China is a key issue. You can proceed step by step according to our experience summary:

  1. Look for professional companies, not temporary. You can save more costs, such as time, so you can avoid more trouble.
  2. The company you choose must have a die-casting machine. Otherwise, their company will not be able to control the quality and delivery time. Among the many equipments, cnc machining machines and cmm can better control the central furnace.
  3. It is best to meet their boss in the factory. It’s easy to see the company’s focus on your products in a medium-sized factory.
  4. Learn basic Chinese well, so that you can better find a suitable die-casting company.
  5. After confirming the supplier, please use WeChat to make it easier for you to communicate with the supplier and understand the progress of the project.
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