How To Custom Eyelashes From China’s Manufacturers For Your Lash Business

How To Custom Eyelashes From China’s Manufacturers For Your Lash Business

Do you want to know about custom eyelashes from China’s manufacturers who will help you start your own eyelashes business and make millions? No matter you are a lash pro, beautician, or want to build your own brand around custom eyelashes. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to custom your lashes and finding the right eyelash manufacturer from China, as well as selling on your online business.

Why do you custom eyelashes from manufacturers of China?

If you plan to run your own eyelash business, then you need to custom eyelashes from China to succeed. The drop-shipping model or resell other brand products can not bring you much more profits now.

As a wholesale supplier of custom eyelashes, we receive many emails or information such as “I want to start lash line business, but don’t know where and how to start, would you please help me?” every day. Therefore, let us explain how the custom eyelash business will help you earn high-profit margins and how to get started.

Benefits of customized eyelashes

  • Increase your eyelash brand clients’ loyalty

According to one study, “customization increases perceived service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and ultimately customer loyalty toward a service provider.”

There are thousands of lash styles for clients opt-in, and the clients’ needs are different, so as our eyelash products.

When the clients get the false eyelashes with personalized boxes they want from your brand, it can create your brand image, and drive clients’ loyalty so that they are likely to purchase more from you and retain loyal clients.

  • Customization eyelash boosts your sales

When you custom eyelashes for your brand, your eyelash brand will stand out from other competitors and attract more clients, therefore they might buy more and are also more likely to recommend the brand to their friends.

  • Increase word of mouth marketing

Custom eyelashes make your eyelashes unique, you can add your social information on the eyelash packaging boxes with beautiful and attractive design, which will help increase your number of fans and make your eyelash business in the future more smoothly. Once they come back to buy it again and again, they will tend to be loyal to your brand.

The more they are loyal to your custom eyelash, the higher they will recommend your brand to their friends, thereby prompting more clients to purchase your eyelashes.

  • You can charge higher

Compared to non-customized eyelashes (from dropshipping from Alibaba or Aliexpress as well as resell other brand eyelashes), your clients tend to pay higher for your own custom brand eyelash for they perceive your brand eyelashes are more valuable than others, therefore they consider the extra charge to be reasonable.

What do you need to custom for eyelashes?

When you get started with custom eyelashes, you need to consider the customization on the lash materials, lengths, thicknesses, curls, and styles, as well as the eyelash packaging boxes, you can check this article to know more about details.

False eyelashes come in a huge variety of lashes, 3d/5d/10d, mink lashes, synthetic lashes, magnetic, and extensions lashes, as well as colored lashes.

Real mink eyelashes

Real mink eyelashes are one of the most popular false eyelashes, they are handmade with 100% Siberian mink fur hairs that curved to replicate natural eyelashes, can create a beautiful and natural shine that synthetic lashes cannot possibly duplicate. The lashes strip band is soft cotton, already sterilized to ensure safe & hypo-allergenic use, and even reusable 25-30 times with proper care.

Faux mink eyelashes

Faux mink eyelashes are a premium type of synthetic lashes with no added chemicals or dyes to mimic the quality and fineness of real mink eyelashes, compared with real mink eyelashes, faux mink lashes have more perfect volume and more uniform curl.

Magnetic lashes

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes kits are easy and fast to apply, good for no special skilled beginner, made of high-quality safe ingredients and 100% Non-Toxic ingredients. Especially for the clients who are allergenic to lash adhesives.

Colorful lashes

Colored lashes will make you become charming, we can supply almost every color imaginable, pink, purple, blue, and even unique gradient colors. Also, we can create unique styles for you as well.

so if you are a newbie and don’t know much about that, the best way is to find an experienced custom lash vendor, and negotiate with them, order samples for testing, and then make your first bulk order.

Why custom eyelashes from China’s manufacturers?

You might run an online or brick-and-mortar store in the USA, and buy from the wholesalers in the USA, but the price will be higher than you import from China when you decide to custom lashes, packaging boxes, and notice that the eyelash products are purely handmade…, you will never make high profit by your own unique style of eyelash extensions at an extremely low price, as well as Low MOQ, but importing from China will let your dream come true.

There are quite a large number of false eyelash manufacturers in the world. But, almost most lash factories are in China. Because China takes the lead on the lash materials, handcrafted workers with many years of experience, low price custom lash packaging boxes but with high-quality vendors, allow them to produce more at a lower cost for the buyers from all over the world that want to get the fake lashes in bulk.

Therefore, it has high competition in China, you can always find a lesser prices supplier in China, which causes the price of eyelashes down. That’s why you need to buy eyelash products from China.

6 actionable ways to find the best eyelash manufacturers in China

  1. Search engine

“China best eyelash manufacturers” on Google search

For instance, type the keywords “China best eyelash manufacturers” on Google search and you will get 100 results relevant on 10 pages.

Now, the top 100 results are the ones that are the most relevant. Deciding on how many Google pages you want to consider is purely a personal choice.

  1. Alibaba/Made-in-China B2B site

AlibabaMade-in-China B2B site

Alibaba and Made in China are the most common B2B sites that newbies find suppliers places, there are thousands of eyelash companies on them, with different trade assurance, gold-rated, transaction levels, etc, to give you a clear idea about the companies.

  1. Trade fairs

When it comes to trade fairs, China is the leader in having exhibitions and trade fairs and holds trade fairs all the year. The Canton Fair is the largest trade show in China, however, it is even better to go to industry-specific trade shows, for instance, if you want to find eyelash vendors and lash manufacturers in China, the best way is to attend China Beauty Expo in Shanghai every May.

  1. Referrals from old clients

While you start your eyelash business, you’re definitely aware of how powerful referrals can be, especially when you are looking for reliable eyelash manufacturers.

You can know real information of the false eyelash suppliers, such as their quality, experience, service, delivery in time or not in a short time without waste any cost.

  1. Social media platforms

Many eyelash manufacturers have been on these platforms to market their products for there are huge users on Facebook, Instagram.

You might see their advertise and visit their website, find contact info and even reviews of customers on their web.

  1. Visit Qingdao city – Base of eyelash manufacturers

This is the ultimate way to find the best lash factory, no need to verify the information online, Qingdao is the base of eyelash manufactures and you are sure to find the top eyelash manufacturers here.

Top 10 custom eyelash manufacturers in China

For now, you might find lots of lash suppliers all around China, especially in Qingdao, here are the 10 best eyelash manufacturers we recommend for you from the manufacturer’s view, check them below:

  1. Hollyren

Hollyren offers strip lashes, false mink lashes, real mink lashes, silk fake lashes, cluster lashes, eyelash extensions, and accessories for lashes. With over 1000 different styles of eyelashes and over a decade of OEM, ODM eyelash manufacture of many famed brands, Hollyren is a good eyelash manufacturer to go for.

  1. Eunice lashes

Eunice is specialized in 25mm lashes, 3D, 5D and 6D eyelashes. You are available many more options here, they have one of the best creative teams to help clients develop unique and creative custom packaging boxes.

  1. China lashes

Over a span of 10 years focus on high-end 3D silk lahes, mink lashes, eyelash extensions, faux lashes, human hair lashes, and many more, China Lashes promise to offer competitive and affordable prices, solve any problem in the span of only 12 hours. So they are going to be a good pick.

  1. Miranda lashes

Miranda lashes focus on the entire lashes package. From false strip lashes, lash tools, and lash adhesives to lashes brushes in addition to styles of eyelash extensions, they have everything to offer.

  1. Garnier lashes

Garnier lashes wholesale mink lashes, eyelash tools such as tweezers and adhesive and custom eyelash packaging too. Also, offer ODM and OEM services.

  1. Ace lashes

With over 15 years of experience in producing 3d mink lashes, Ace lashes also offer faux mink lashes 3d silk lashes. You can find magnetic eyeliner and lashes in Ace lashes, with over 1000+ eyelash extension styles, just send your requests to them, you will get a prompt and professional reply.

  1. Our lash

Our lash has been in operation since 2010, eyelash extensions are their prime products with 2d to 10d pre-made fan lashes, classic extensions, volume extensions and camellia volume lashes and cluster eyelash extensions are their forte.

  1. Xizi lashes

Though Xizi lashes are quite new, they have a good client base. They are renowned for luxury mink lashes, also sell easy fan volume lash to premium ellipse flat extensions, premium classic, and colored extensions, you can custom your lash packaging here.

  1. Emeda lashes

This China eyelash manufacturer focuses its attention on producing only magnetic eyeliner and lashes. This specialization makes them the opportunity to target a specific market of buyers.

  1. Lashcolors


If you are looking for reasonable and affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the eyelashes purchased, then Lashcolors will cater to your every demand. As one of the best eyelash manufacturers, Lashcolors has a wide range of eyelashes, around 1000 styles for you opt, including faux eyelashes, mink eyelashes, eyelash extensions with J, B, C, D, and L+ Curls. We also offer the services of private labels, you can get the logo and identification on the customized packaging boxes, to help you increase your exposure and profits.

3 necessary instructions you need to tell your lash manufacturers before custom eyelashes

Now that I think you might have found the right eyelash manufacturers in China, and want to custom your own eyelash and start your lash business.

Then choose one of the top 10 eyelashes suppliers in China and send you requests, it is going to very simple.

1. Eyelash or eyelash extensions types and size chart

There are lots of lash varieties such as 3d faux mink lashes, real mink lashes, synthetic lashes, extension lashes, Individual lashes, magnetic lashes, volume lashes, false lashes, and party lashes for your opt.

Just tell your eyelash vendor the size and material of strip lashes, curls of your extensions, classic or volume, length and thickness, etc. Read this article for eyelash extension curls and styles. Then your lash wholesale vendor will take care of the rest.

2. Custom your lash Logo on the boxes

Provide your logo image and boxes size and material to the eyelash manufacturers that you want to print on your boxes, or let lash factory supply the template of packaging boxes for your choice then choose one and change the colors, pattern, add your logo, address, and your contact information.

3.  MOQ of custom eyelash order

Generally speaking, almost every lash manufacturer’s minimum order quantity is 100 pairs for strip lashes and 100 trays for eyelash extensions. 100% payment in advance for manufacturing custom eyelashes orders.


We hope that this post has provided you all the information you needed to know about custom eyelashes from China. Custom eyelash is a lucrative business and can help you make millions. NOW start ordering your eyelashes with Lashcolors!

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