How to download APP from GooglePlay?

I shared with you the best apps of the year by GooglePlay, and then a friend came over and asked me how I got these installation packages from the Google Store. Because searching for the application name directly on GooglePlay now only has an install button and no download, and when you click the install button, the download address will not pop up.

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How to download APP from GooglePlay?

In fact, a long time ago, I downloaded the APP from APK pure, but then APK pure couldn’t connect directly… Now downloading the APP from APK pure will get a file in XAPK format, even though the official website gave me how to install it. XAPK file tutorial, but it was still very troublesome, so I gradually gave up APK pure.

After giving up APK pure, I found a good alternative platform-APK-dl. Copy and paste the link of the Google Store page on this website to download the APK installation file directly, which is relatively convenient.

But I am still lazy after all. Every time I open two websites, copying and pasting is too much trouble, so after trying hard to find, I found a useful oil monkey script-Direct download from Google Play. After installing this script, the interface of this Google store directly shows the download button of other mirror sites, click to jump, but not every one is easy to use, among which I personally recommend APK-dl and APKMirror. On APK-dl, you can download the APK file directly, and on APKMirror you can even directly see all previous versions of APK!

Speaking of this Direct download from Google Play script. Generally speaking, you can search the grease monkey script directly on the grease fork, but you can’t search this script directly, because the default search is in Chinese, you need to switch to English in the upper right corner to search, if it is troublesome You can search Direct download from Google Play directly on Baidu, and it will be displayed in the search results.

Why do I have to download the APP from GooglePlay?

Are there many app stores in China? It’s not unreasonable that Google Store was once regarded as the best place to download APP. If the domestic app store version is the same as Google, I would naturally not toss. The version of the same software that may be downloaded in the country requires a lot of permissions, but the Google version does not; the advertising push is also, the domestic version of some software pushes a lot of advertisements, while the Google version is very pure…After all, the review of the Google Store The mechanism is much stricter than that of domestic application stores.

The method mentioned above is for the computer side. If it is a mobile phone, just download it directly on GooglePlay. But there are many people who want to not only install APP, but also want to keep the installation package for sharing, or usually want to experience various APPs but the phone space is insufficient and choose to run on the computer’s Android emulator. The above methods are useful for this need. To the ground.

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