How to Gain Greater Control Over Ad Visibility

Today’s developers face a huge challenge in tracking competitors’ ads on their apps and avoiding the scourge of risky ad content. With the 31% year-on-year growth of app installations in the first quarter of 2021, and the continued rapid growth of the mobile app ecosystem, user engagement and retention are becoming increasingly difficult. Even after finding the right user for your application, retaining that user long enough to run a profitable and scalable business is still a challenge.

Competitive ads and inappropriate ad content play a big part in user churn. To help developers stay ahead of the competition and create a positive ad experience for their users, we are releasing two new fully automated features for MAX Ad Review that are only available at AppLovin and are exclusive for MAX developers.


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1- Competitor Monitoring

2- Risky Content Detection

Ad Review currently supports 10 networks, including AppLovin, AdMob, Mintegral and UnityAds, ad formats supported are interstitial and rewarded video. Check out our integration guide for more info.

1- Competitor Monitoring

With the dramatic increase in mobile app deployment and downloads across gaming and all verticals, it goes without saying that competition in today’s mobile app ecosystem is fierce. For greater visibility and control over which competitors might be impacting your bottom line, Ad Review’s proprietary algorithm automatically detects competitive ads running in your apps. Creatives detected will be shown in the Competitors tab without any changes or settings required by your team. You can pause those rules and use MAX Ad Review Competitor Settings to set up your own competitor rules to detect competitors by title, advertiser, or store category.

2- Risky Content Detection

No developer wants to get stuck running misleading, deceptive, or inappropriate content on their apps. Ad Review can automatically detect risky content for developers. The default Content Categories selected in the MAX Ad Review Risky Content Settings tab will be flagged as risky and creatives will be shown in the Risky Content tab.

You can also set up more granular rules for flagging Risky Content Ads based on their title, advertiser, website, store category, store content rating, or store advisory.


Tips for using the new features: 

Set up your own customized rules to detect and identify competitors’ advertising in your apps and put a stop to it before it impacts your bottom line.

  • Use Store Category rules to detect competitive ads for other apps that are in the same category as yours. For example, if you’re developing a Word game, you might create a rule that flags all ads for games that are in the “Word” store category.
  • If the store category definition is too wide, use keywords instead to pinpoint your direct competitors. For example, if you’re developing a Solitaire app, not all Card games are direct competition, so you might set up a Title rule that flags ads for apps with titles that contain the word “Solitaire”.

Detect misleading, deceptive, or inappropriate content on your apps and block them before it leads to user churn and negative store reviews.

  • Use Content Rating or Advisory rules to flag ads that are not age appropriate or content appropriate for your target users. For example, are you developing a kids app? Create rules per each platform to flag ads for content categories such as TEEN, MATURE or ADULT ONLY, or rules to flag ads for advisory like “Blood” and “Violence.”
  • Use specific Store Categories for apps that are not relevant for your audience. For example, with a kids app, create rules to flag ads for Store Categories like Finance or Dating.

Reporting problematic creatives

Developers can report problematic creatives to their network partner, without leaving the MAX dash. Click on the Report Ad button and Ad Review will automatically attach the information needed to help them find and block those creatives. See more info on reporting problematic creative here.

Developers of all sizes, from indies to the largest publishers, use MAX to maximize revenue with in-app bidding. MAX’s advanced features improve user experience, protect your brand, and save you countless hours of work.

Get started with MAX, or if you’re already using our industry leading in-app bidding solution, enable Ad Review and start improving your users’ experience today.


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