Huawei launches Petal One, one-stop access to a full suite of smart cloud services

On July 29, Huawei launched a new premium membership package Petal One, which includes three high-quality digital services of Huawei Terminal Cloud Service: Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package 200GB, Huawei Music Super Music VIP, Huawei Video Gold Member & Partner Zone VIP member, arousing users’ pursuit. From July 29 to August 9, 2021, the Huawei Member Center will open the Petal One early adopter reservation entrance. In just one week, nearly 300,000 users have reserved Petal One for early adopters, and they will get a surprise return when the subscription is fully released on September 1. And this membership service is also regarded as the key to Huawei’s soft power operation in the future.

1. Petal One membership benefits cover all scenarios

In fact, Huawei’s terminal cloud service has been doing very well for a long time. While the content is rich, the experience optimization on the mobile phone side is also very good. The linkage with Huawei’s various hardware is even more addicting. But there is also a problem that makes many users feel like they are stuck in their throats, that is, all kinds of membership services are purchased separately, and it is easy to not remember what services have been purchased, especially with the APPs of other Internet platforms. It is very easy to cause confusion. Whether to buy less or more members is an inconvenience and waste after all. Therefore, this time, Huawei Terminal Cloud Service has specially launched the Petal One membership service, which integrates the value-added membership combination of Huawei cloud space, video and music services to meet users’ needs for digital life in all scenarios such as home, entertainment, sports, travel, and office. need.

Petal One is a combination membership product that covers all scenarios, including Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package 200GB, Huawei Music Super Music VIP, Huawei Video Gold VIP Member & Partner Zone VIP Member, it can be said to be one of the top four in terms of audio and video content Members, it is worth mentioning here that the mobile members of video websites and the large-screen TV members are often separated. Many users always cannot tell which one should buy TV membership and which one should buy mobile membership.

And this time, Huawei’s Petal One makes you no longer need to tangle and think, and the large and small screens are all connected. Now the official price is only 79 yuan a month, which can be said to be very affordable. Don’t forget that it also includes a 200G Huawei cloud space package, which costs more than 200 yuan a year. Many small partners are reluctant to open it and always reluctantly With free cloud space, now you don’t have to be stingy anymore, just buy a Petal One membership.

2. One-stop access to the whole scene of life

The biggest feature of Petal One is that it is fully connected. For example, Huawei Music Super Music VIP service supports multiple terminals such as mobile phones, smart speakers, smart screens, and smart watches. Not only can you listen to it, but you can listen to it wherever you want. This is something that many Internet companies cannot do. Huawei Video, on the other hand, provides users with cross-device viewing services for massive hit dramas, variety shows, popular cinema blockbusters, arts and humanities, knowledge education and other special areas, including mobile phones, tablets, smart screens and other devices that can be used. Gold VIP members can exclusively enjoy the privileges of AiMax cinema experience 4K+HDR+5.1 cinema-level effects, members to watch in advance, and enjoy the massive movie library in Huawei zone and premium content in partner zone without advertising. This kind of experience that a member can access various services and even various platforms is believed to be unique to Huawei, and it is also a real breakthrough in the user’s cloud service experience. It makes people fully feel the beauty of the smart world with the integration of software and hardware, and they will buy more Huawei equipment involuntarily.

HUAWEI CLOUD space is an important application service in HUAWEI terminal cloud service. It can be said that it is the key to opening up various platforms on the file side. One-touch upload can synchronize multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, especially the incremental synchronization function. HUAWEI CLOUD The disk will intelligently update the modified part, and only synchronize the updated part of the file when synchronizing the file, which is fast and saves traffic. At the same time, the data is encrypted on the mobile phone before uploading, which ensures the security and privacy of the files. This time, Petal One provides members with 200G of free cloud space, which can store up to 40,000 pictures, automatically back up every 3 days, and can also share with the whole family of up to six people. The family can buy one copy, which can be said to be cost-effective. super high. My own cloud space has always been shared with parents. As long as they take photos of themselves or their children, they will be synced to me. Every time I receive an update, it will give me a sense of peace and happiness. HUAWEI CLOUD space also provides a location sharing function. Users can share their location with the elderly and children at home through HUAWEI ID, pay attention to the location of important relatives and friends anytime, anywhere, and assist in finding devices.

Another significance of Petal One is that it also forms a unified brand experience on the server side. There is still a lot of room for imagination in what direction it will develop in the future. Therefore, in the end, Petal One may not only have Huawei’s own cloud service content, but also expand more software services along with the development of the software and hardware ecosystem, becoming an entrance to mobile platform services. And the connection of Huawei Petal One is really lovely. All services are paid for at one time, and I no longer need to think about and record various payment matters. This is probably the biggest pain point for many people today, that is, buying a large number of members, but it is difficult to manage them in a unified manner. Or the content of many video membership services is also repeated, and repeated purchases are also very wasteful. I think this one-time purchase of access services should be the general trend.

3. The smart world should integrate soft and hard

This time, Huawei’s terminal cloud service has opened up the platform’s core smart applications with Petal One. It can be said to be a small step for the software, but it is a big step for the platform. It is a very big experience improvement that the charging service can be used across devices quickly. After all, whether it is watching movies, listening to music, taking pictures or transferring files, we will use different devices in different scenarios. After getting through, all scenarios can be Enjoy consistent service and data synchronization, which is so convenient.

In the previous Internet world, user registration was a very painful requirement. In the end, we solved this problem with platforms such as WeChat login and QQ login, which brought a wave of rapid development of independent websites. And now, Huawei has finally taken a key step in building a software ecosystem on the hardware world and system platform, using one account to open up the service system between software and hardware. This is not only the most convenient and economical choice for users, but also very good news for ecological partners. I believe that in the end, the seamless connection of various services on a unified platform is the general trend, and this is what a smart world should look like. The consensus of the Internet industry is that cloud services will eventually become the core of all services, but it is difficult to form a unified platform when cloud services are implemented. Petal One can be said to have taken a solid and critical step in this regard, allowing us to see the perfect integration of smart services and hardware platforms.

I believe that in the future, various Internet services will gradually be connected to Huawei’s Petal One, just like HarmonyOS is used for hardware appliances, and Petal One is used for software services in the future. This will greatly reduce the difficulty of paying for or acquiring users, which is also very beneficial to Huawei. The development of software and hardware ecology. It can be said that Petal One’s small step is a big step for Huawei’s terminal cloud service. This step is not only to improve the experience, but also to reduce the fee. arrival.

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