In-App Messaging Tips & Tricks to Improve App User Retention

What is the user retention rate of your application? Since the retention rate of mobile apps after the first week is only 15%, getting new users to participate immediately should be the top priority for all mobile marketers. This is why we make it easier to create, automate, and personalize your in-app information to capture the attention of customers and guide them to the application.


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Here are just a few ways you can use in-app messaging to reach your retention goals!


Welcome & Onboard New App Customers

First impressions matter, especially to your customers when they first download your app. Use that opportunity to welcome them and guide them to the most important actions that will keep them engaged longer. Message them about setting up their profile or account, setting their preferences, or signing up for the loyalty program. Use the app download to trigger an Airship Journey of welcome messages across channels, starting with an in-app message to grab their attention right away.

When onboarding with in-app messaging is done right, you can see a 60% expansion in the audience like Gasbuddy saw with Airship!


Deliver Relevant, Engaging Promotions

Consumers are more likely to leave your brand if they’re not getting the information they want to receive. In fact, 48% of consumers get so frustrated when they receive irrelevant content from brands, they are likely to switch to another brand. Use customer attributes (such as birth date, zip code, loyalty status, or age) to personalize your in-app messages with content that will resonate with your customers. Using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get!) editor will also help make those messages more engaging with bespoke designs and dynamic content.

Make sure that when you’re in a hurry sending out time-sensitive or rinse-and-repeat style messages that you’re not forgetting to personalize those as well. Templates are a great way to get those set up in advance with content blocks and merge fields to make sure all your in-app messages are personalized going forward.


Make Sure You’re Not Over Messaging Within the App

Many of us have had the experience of receiving a promotion for an item after we’ve already purchased it – it’s annoying to be sure, especially for new customers. Using cancellation events to stop in-app automation can ensure you’re not over-messaging your customers and sending them the most up-to-date and relevant messages. For example, use a purchase event to cancel a promotional message so your customer won’t receive any additional messages about making their first in-app purchase, or cancel messages about the loyalty program as soon as a customer signs up.

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