Insole Industry Development Trend in China

Insole Industry Development Trend in China

Insole industry, with a history of thousands of years, are traditional Chinese products. In modern society, with the advancement of science and technology, insoles, a product closely related to life, have got rid of the single function of adjusting the size of shoes and gradually developed into foot care products; from simple shoe accessories to a new emerging, independent and sunrise industry with vigor and vitality.

Current Status of the Insole Industry

1. Have a huge production and sales team
There are currently more than 100,000 professional insole factories in China. There are countless manufacturers engaged in the production of other daily necessities and insoles, and the insole trade in the circulation field is simply overwhelming and difficult to count. Among professional manufacturers, according to different products and channels, brands with national influence have gradually formed, and there are local brands in various regions.

2. Huge market share
A conservative estimate is that 30% of the country��s 1.3 billion people use two pairs of insoles every month, and the country consumes nearly tens of billions of insoles every year. If you take into account the habit of abandoning use by many people, the annual usage will double. . This figure does not include the part that the shoe factory directly entrusts the insole factory to process. Insole products have become indispensable products in supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesale markets. At the same time, insoles have become indispensable products in bath centers, pedicure centers, and hotels. In terms of exports, each foreign order is more than 100,000 pairs. In European and American countries, the consumption of insoles is one-time, and the longest service period is one week. Moreover, they classify some foot diseases as occupational diseases, and insoles become legal labor insurance products. , So the number of insoles in terms of exports is huge.

3. Increasingly rich functions of insoles
The insole industry has evolved from a single function of adjusting the size of shoes to foot care and health care products for different foot discomforts and diseases. Embroidered insoles are well-loved as a representative handicraft of our country.

4. The technological content of insole products is increasing day by day
With the advancement of science and technology, the content of insoles is increasing day by day. The physiological characteristics of the human body, the principles of human mechanics and sports mechanics, and computer aids are increasingly used in the design and production of insoles. The “foot reflection zone theory” of traditional Chinese medicine has been widely used. Used in insole products, new materials such as nanomaterials, shock absorption materials, magnetic therapy materials, adsorption materials, antibacterial materials, etc. have also been widely used in insole products. At present, nearly 200 invention patents for insoles have been granted, and more than 1,000 utility model patents have been granted.

5. The driving effect of the development of the insole industry
As foot care and health care products, insoles need to continuously put forward new requirements for materials and production processes to meet the increasing health care requirements of consumers, which directly drives the development of mechanical equipment manufacturing, material engineering, and other fields.

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Future Development Trend of the Insole Industry

The soles of the feet have been regarded as the “second heart”, “root of essence and blood”, and “foundation of human health” by the medical community today. Foot diseases, which have always been ignored, have begun to become one of the chief culprits affecting the quality of life of Chinese people. For example, common beriberi, foot odor, and foot sweat; foot discomfort, foot calluses, or foot deformation caused by frequent wearing of high heels; people who are engaged in standing and walking for a long time and the elderly also need a pair of comfortable and soft Insoles; the diabetic foot is a chronic disabling complication of diabetes, the current incidence is extremely high; and so on, have become the use of insoles, a health care product.

In developed countries in Europe and America, more than 50% of people have used modern technology to prepare comfortable insoles. In the foot care industry in the United States, insoles account for half of the market share. In China, insoles have just started as a new foot care product. With the increasing importance of foot care, insoles will occupy more and more shares in the foot care industry. Moreover, more and more investors have noticed the strong development momentum of the insole industry. Among the small products, the insole industry has become a hot spot for investment. Especially for some patented products, some companies have expressed their willingness to pay a price of 20 million. Buy out the patented technology and products of “Comfortable” insoles.

These will be destined to trigger a revolution at one step. Healthy and fashionable people will not ignore his feet. The insole business will surely become a rising industry that sets off a wave.

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