Instagram now lets creators schedule Live Streams

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For creators and businesses that use the Instagram live broadcast platform to connect with fans, they will now get a new tool that should make it easier for their fans to appear in the announced live broadcast. This feature is called live broadcast scheduling, and according to its name, it allows users to schedule and set up live broadcasts in advance. If fans want, they will be able to get a reminder so they will know when to transfer to their Instagram account to watch the live broadcast.


In the current system, you’ll be notified when an account that you follow is starting a live stream but sometimes it’s not the most convenient time to tune it. At least when you know ahead of time when the broadcast is, you can set aside that schedule to watch and interact with your favorite creator or personality. Basically this new feature lets users schedule their planned live streams. You can schedule it up to 90 days before the planned broadcast.


To set it up, creators need to add a title, set up the date and time, and then tap on the “schedule live video” part. Followers will then get a prompt that the account they follow have a scheduled live stream and it of course includes both the title and the date and time plus an icon that it will be a “Live video”. They can then tap on the Remind me button at the bottom and you’ll get a notification a day before and 15 minutes before on the day itself of the scheduled broadcast.


Instagram is also planning to roll out a feature called Practice Mode so creators can see their live stream set up before the actual live stream starts. This way they’ll be able to see how the broadcast will appear to users and check on things like lighting setup, angles, etc. There are times when broadcasters have to adjust things while they’re already streaming since it looks different than when they were setting it up first.


The Live Scheduling feature has started rolling out to users. Just go to the Stories and you’ll see the new Schedule part in the Live section. No word yet on when Practice Mode will be available for users.

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