Japan and Korea ASA Multidimensional Data Analysis Report

Last week we analyzed ASM placement in the US in terms of product data (number, categories, listings, etc.), keyword data (type, number, etc.), and ASM ad data.

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Today, we will use the same logic to see if the data of ASM placement in Japan and Korea will be different from the situation in the United States.

The number of active ASM products in Japan and Korea so far is 7,611 and 4,532 respectively, which is less than the number of products in the US (16,719), mainly due to the difference in the number of apps they have online in the App Store.

ASM Advertising Data

In terms of user cost, the current user cost in Japan and Korea is still very low, so there is still a lot of room for developers to experiment with ASM channels in these two regions.

Popular products in ASM

In terms of product categories for ASM, the percentage of products in each category is not very different in all three regions, and the trend is basically the same.

The slight difference is that the top 3 categories with a high number of products in the US are education, tools and health, while the top 3 categories in Japan and Korea are education, tools and efficiency, not including health.

We believe that the reason for the high number of efficiency products in Japan and Korea is that the conversion rate of efficiency products is very high and the user cost is lower than the average cost, so developers are more willing to invest in ASM. 4.

Competition for ASM from top products

There are differences in the number of apps with top rankings among the apps in each category. In general, the number of unranked App is slightly higher than the number of ranked App, basically at the level of 1:1.

However, as we all know, most of the products on the App Store are not ranked, so this ratio shows that the competition for ASM is very fierce among the top products in the list.

Japan’s products by category with or without charts

The percentage of products with and without listings in Korea by category

ASM buzzwords

After observing the data about ASM products in Japan and Korea, let’s take a look at their ASM buzzwords (the keywords of the top 10 bidding apps in the past 7 days) and see what the pattern is.

Japan ASM Top10 Bidding Keywords

Korean ASM Top 10 Bidding Keywords

Most of the bidding hotwords in Japan and Korea are brand words or industry words, and the competition of these words is relatively high, and products from other categories will also participate in bidding on these hotwords in addition to this category.

From the classification of keywords, Japan and South Korea have the most words in the bidding hotwords in the photography category, which is the same as the United States, indicating that the recent photography category is really hot.

The game and music categories in the Japanese buzzwords are not found in either the U.S. or Korean buzzwords, which also stems from the different user needs in different regions. Therefore, developers need to make more efforts in analyzing the user profile of each region when placing multi-region ads.


The current user cost in Japan and Korea is very low.

Developers of education, tools and efficiency products in Japan and Korea are more willing to place ASM because the conversion rate of these three types of products is higher and the user cost is lower.

The proportion of products with top rankings in the ASM is very high, and the competition for ASM from these top products is very fierce.

In the US, Japan and Korea, the keywords are the most competitive in the photography category. This is due to the recent explosion of photography products, resulting in competition from other categories of products.

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