JDI develops 30.2-inch 8K LCD screen for medical applications with fine display

CINNOResearch industry information, JapanDisplay Co., Ltd. has developed a 30.2-inch 8K (pixels 7680 (horizontal) × 4320 (vertical), 292ppi) LCD Display.

JDI develops 30.2-inch 8K LCD screen for medical applications with fine display

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The newly developed 30.2-inch 8K LCD module is not only suitable for non-open surgery (such as laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery) that requires a wide field of view in the future, but also for medical applications with fine display, such as ophthalmology and brain surgery Surgery, etc., as well as for broadcast television and image editing applications.

The LCD screen is divided into two specifications according to different applications, one is a high-brightness model, which achieves the world’s top level of brightness requirements (1,000cd/m2) in the field of 8K4K medical LCD screen, and the other is a wide Color gamut model (BT.2020 coverage rate of 90%) (the company’s survey data).

In addition to using LTPS technology to achieve this high definition and high brightness, the company has also achieved wide viewing angles and high contrast ratios through IPSLCD.

In addition, products using the technology are already sampling, and mass production is planned to begin in summer 2021.

With the display technology accumulated over the years, the company will further expand its product line in the healthcare and medical fields in the future.

【Specification overview of this product】

*ppi (pixelperinch) refers to the number of pixels per inch

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