Major iOS 14.5 bug fixed: IDFA option on privacy tracking page can be adjusted by itself

On April 27, Apple launched the official version of iOS 14.5. In addition to the update that Apple Watch can unlock iPhone, support AirTag, dual-SIM5G and other features, the most attention is still the public launch of the transparent App privacy tracking function.

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IDFA option on privacy tracking page can be adjusted by itself

However, many users upgraded to iOS14.5 and found that the App privacy tracking function of the phone was abnormal: the IDFA option on the [Settings] – [Privacy] – [Tracking] page appeared to be grayed out and could not be opened.

Apple urgently launched iOS14.5.1 with the intention of solving the bug

In the early morning of May 5, Apple released iOS 14.5.1 after a week.

According to media reports, in the installation log of this update, Apple pointed out that it fixed the bug that the application tracking transparency option (i.e. allowing App request tracking) turned gray. some foreign users’ IDFA option has become operable after the update, so it can be seen that Apple intends to solve this bug through iOS 14.5.1.

However, the Seven Wheat Research Institute found that after updating to iOS 14.5.1, the IDFA option was still gray, and some domestic users also encountered the same situation after updating.

After more than 20 days, the “graying” problem is solved

After the emergence of the “graying bug”, the Seven Wheat Research Institute has been paying attention to the follow-up dynamic. Last week on the 18th, 7Mai Research Institute tested and found that the bug that the IDFA option on the [Tracking] page was grayed out and could not be opened has been fixed, and the App can pop up a pop-up window normally asking users “whether to allow tracking”, and users can manage the App’s privacy tracking permission uniformly on this page.

May 26 – Apple may be one of the few companies with the funds to acquire WarnerMedia-Discovery. Recently, AT&T plans to merge WarnerMedia’s assets with Discovery Channel, which CNBC reports could be sold to Apple in the future. 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple’s senior vice president of software and services Eddie Cue met with then-Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and former Time Warner executive Vice President Olaf Olafsson.

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iPhone 12 series revenue accounted for 34% of the total revenue of the smartphone industry in the first quarter

On May 26, market research firm Counterpoint Research released its global cell phone tracking data for the first quarter of 2021, showing that Apple’s iPhone was the best-selling model in the first quarter of 2021, both by sales share and revenue share. The data shows that in the first quarter, iPhone 12 series revenue accounted for 34 percent of smartphone industry revenue. 2021 first quarter, driven by the flagship’s hot sales, global smartphone revenue surpassed the $100 billion mark, hitting a new high in the first quarter.

Apple: 1121 supplier assessments in 53 countries and regions last year

On May 28, Apple released its 15th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. The report shows that Apple conducted 1,121 supplier assessments in 53 countries and regions in 2020. More than 110 suppliers of all types around the world have committed to shift to 100 percent renewable energy for all Apple products, enabling the company to achieve its supply chain and product lifecycle carbon neutrality goals more quickly by 2030.

Bloomberg reveals AirPods upgrade plan, releasing AirPods3 this year and updating Pro version next year

Apple patent application shows Apple Watch wearers can use gestures to complete various functions in the future

Apple iPhone 13 began mass production, iPhone 12 official website first big price reduction

May 31 – On May 29, Apple’s official Tmall flagship store announced that it will participate in China’s 618 promotion, with the iPhone 12 reduced to 4,800 yuan, equivalent to 7.6 percent off, and open supply, also sharing the same after-sales service as Apple’s official website and supporting 12 interest-free periods. This is the first official significant price reduction for this model since its launch in October last year.

App Store: Greater China has 4.4 million registered developers

Recently, on the eve of the opening of WWDC2021, Apple released an article about Chinese developers in the App Store, which mentioned a set of data about Chinese developers: the developer community in Greater China is getting bigger and bigger, and now has more than 4.4 million registered developers, an increase of 76% compared with two years ago.

A steady stream of Chinese developers are joining the Apple Developer Program to build engaging app experiences and make a splash in the global marketplace by gaining access to advanced Apple technologies. At the same time, Apple’s App Store Small Business Program, which officially launches on January 1, 2021, gives small and independent developers more support and kicks off a new wave of app innovation.


With the bug fixes in iOS 14.5, developers can now use the transparent app privacy tracking feature with confidence. It has been one month since the official implementation of Apple’s new privacy policy, and the Seven Wheat Research Institute found that the highest authorization rate of users allowed to obtain IDFA is above 30% by collecting and comparing statistics from different statistical platforms. Want to learn more about the authorization rate of platform statistics and how to set pop-up windows to increase the IDFA authorization rate? Click here to see the article “Apple’s new privacy rules have been in effect for 1 month! It’s time for developers to get their hands dirty with IDFA authorization pop-ups!

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