Mission Ave Used Mobile Loyalty Program to Improve Search Rankings

Cameron, the owner of Mission Avenue Bar & Grill, was searching for a way to reward loyal customers and improve his online presence. He found out about Bizness Apps’ mobile solutions and used our Design & Build Service to create a branded mobile app. We worked with Cameron in a blueprinting session to determine what his business goals were and designed the app around these objectives.

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The Solution: Loyalty Program & Reviews Campaign

  • Together with Cameron, we came up with various loyalty programs that would speak to the different types of customers. There’s a reward program for the whiskey drinkers, the beer fans, and the cocktail lovers.
  • To improve Mission Ave’s online presence, we implemented the “reward-review-rank” process that works on autopilot. People find out about the loyalty program through promotional flyers, then triggers are sent out as they redeem a reward which encourages them to leave a review for the business. The business owner doesn’t have to do extra work to obtain these reviews and start ranking for important keywords, such as “bar” and “happy hour”.

The Results: Increase in Positive Reviews & Local Ranking

  • The most used feature in the Mission Ave app is the Loyalty Program, demonstrating that it truly fulfills customer needs.
  • Loyalty redemptions, then, triggered a timely review request. This follows the notion that asking for a review at a positive moment will increase the likelihood of a positive review. In fact, Mission Avenue collected 12 new positive reviews in a matter of two months. 92% of their reviews were positive, with the negative reviews being sent directly to the business owner. Cameron was able to address those issues and communicate with the customer who didn’t have a great experience.
  • The increase in positive reviews allowed Mission Ave to move up in local search rankings. By appearing in Google’s local search results, Mission Avenue will be highly visible to potential customers who are searching for a bar or happy hour in the area.

Mission Avenue Bar & Grill was able to achieve these results by putting their mobile solution on auto-pilot. The business owner will soon go through a training with his staff, in order to actively start promoting the app. As it has already been benefiting the businesses, Mission Ave will probably see an exponential growth in the use of their loyalty program, positive reviews, search rankings, and ultimately their revenue.

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