Netflix Launches Mobile Games on November 3rd for Android

Netflix launches mobile games on November 3rd, 2021. Previously, Netflix has acquired Oxenfree’s creator Night School Studio and made their first steps into the mobile gaming industry.

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Now, the highly anticipated part of Netflix’s subscription is coming to mobile devices. But first, as Netflix stated, the service will be available only to Android users. iOS users will get access to the service sometime later.

Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of Game Development, shared some essential information about the new service in a blog post.

He stated that the Netflix team loved games, whether physical like Floor is Lava, or mind games, such as The Circle. Seeing as the Squid Game is the number one most watched Netflix series of all time, Verdu didn’t fail to mention the show as well.

Moreover, he said that Netflix enjoyed entertaining their subscribers, which is why they were launching Netflix mobile games service.

Free Mobile Games Available on Netflix

In the blog post, Verdu stated that Netflix subscribers could play five mobile games. Those games are Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up.

Furthermore, Verdu shared that whether the users want a casual game or experience a deep, immersive story, Netflix wanted to build a library where those games would be available. Just like Netflix’s show and movie selection, they want to have something for everyone in the mobile game area too.

Verdu said that Netflix was in its early stages of creating a great gaming experience and that the Netflix team was thrilled to offer its users mobile games.

Accessing Mobile Games on Netflix

In the blog post, Netflix shared a couple of rules on how to access the mobile game section of Netflix. Firstly, they mention that Netflix membership opens all doors, including the ability to play mobile games. So, no additional membership fees, charges, ads, or in-app purchases. Additionally, Netflix said that all profiles on one account would be able to play mobile games.

However, there is one restriction on who can play mobile games. Netflix stated that only adults would be allowed to their mobile game section, as the kids’ profiles wouldn’t get the mobile game section offer.

Secondly, as previously mentioned, the games are currently only available on Android devices. The Netflix users can see a dedicated games row and tab where they can download any of the available games.

Moreover, Netflix revealed that mobile games were available in many languages and would be automatically set to the player’s preferred language. As Netflix stated, if a particular language is not available, the games will be available in English.

Also, the terms stated that a player didn’t need an active internet connection to play mobile games on Netflix.

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