New product, new starting point, Lenovo and Intel and Rockchip jointly write a new chapter in commercial IoT devices

On April 28, 2021, Shenzhen Lenovo held the “Lenovo’s 2021 Commercial Key Customer Partner Conference”. During the meeting, Wang Liping, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Commercial Key Account Business Unit in China, Abu Likmu Ablimiti (hereinafter referred to as Amu), Vice President of Lenovo Group and Vice President of Strategy and Business Development in China, Intel’s Internet of Things Dr. Chen Wei, Vice President of Business Unit and General Manager of China Region, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Rockchip CEO Li Min sent a speech to the conference via video connection. At the conference, Lenovo and its partners discussed the common results of commercial IoT devices and their expectations for the future of the industry.

New product, new starting point, Lenovo and Intel and Rockchip jointly write a new chapter in commercial IoT devices

Lenovo’s ECC series add more power to help China’s digital transformation

China’s IoT market has become the largest and most active market in the world. Intel’s Internet of Things Division and Lenovo’s major commercial customers in China have reached an intention to cooperate. The two parties will further deepen their cooperation in joint marketing and joint research and development of products and solutions. At present, the two parties are jointly developing a variety of products and solutions to give full play to The advantages of their respective areas of focus have achieved phased breakthroughs.

The newly released edge-enhanced client terminal ECC-T30 is a cutting-edge result of the cooperation between Lenovo and Intel. ECC-T30 is equipped with Intel Core 8th processor, can support Win 7 operating system, native printing interface, PS2 port, and provide dual Display output (VGA + HDMI), which provides a guarantee for stable connection and safe controllable input. Thanks to its 2L ultra-small body, extremely compact structure, optimized design, multiple installation methods that can stand, hang, and hang, and flexible customization features, T30 can be widely used in a variety of scenarios, such as financial counters, medical offices, and equipment Supporting, manufacturing industry, etc. ECC-T30 is expected to be equipped with TCI’s transparent cloud terminal architecture in the future, which will further strengthen its operational advantages such as compatibility, stability and flexibility.

“Intel and Lenovo have had many years of successful cooperation. Today, we are optimistic about the vibrant field of the Internet of Things, especially the rapidly developing commercial Internet of Things market.” Vice President of Intel’s Internet of Things Business Unit, Dr. Chen Wei, General Manager of China, said, “We will work with Lenovo to face the pain points of end users, relying on the most cutting-edge technological innovation, and formally launch strategic cooperation in the Internet of Things industry to jointly open a new era of intelligent edge.”

New product, new starting point, Lenovo and Intel and Rockchip jointly write a new chapter in commercial IoT devices

Latest Lenovo Edge Enhanced Computing Board Release Empowers 5G/AI Development

Rockchip is a practitioner of Chinachip, and has launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Lenovo. In the process of cooperation, Lenovo’s technological leadership and competitiveness were guaranteed, and Rockchip also relied on Lenovo’s supply chain advantages to increase supply security. The Lenovo edge enhanced computing board ECB-SR51 released this time is another result of the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. This computing board is jointly built by Lenovo and Rockchip. It is the industry’s first SoM board based on RK3568 and is compatible with RK3399 and RK3568 chips.

Lenovo’s edge enhanced computing board ECB-SR51 can quickly adapt to three types of industry carrier boards, with a variety of interfaces and extensions to choose from, and is suitable for various industries such as manufacturing and retail. Based on ECB-SR51’s excellent performance and powerful computing power, it can quickly support 5G/AI application scenarios, and it will surely become an indispensable weapon in the Internet of Things industry.

“Rockchip will work with Lenovo to build China’s most influential commercial IoT products and make every effort to help the construction of a digital China.” Rockchip CEO Li Min said that both parties will continue to work on product development, innovation, ecological construction, and implementation. All aspects share superior capabilities and resources, realize the whole process cooperation from R&D and design to production, and inject new impetus into the further development of the commercial Internet of Things.

Lenovo’s edge computing product line continues to improve to promote the new development of the commercial Internet of Things

This conference not only released two major new products, Lenovo also displayed other seven new products that will be released or have been released in the edge computing product line offline, involving industrial, medical, catering and other landing scenarios. The rich production line will be China Commercial intelligent IoT solutions add new impetus.

Behind this series of intelligent IoT achievements are Lenovo’s profound experience in intelligent transformation and a comprehensive edge computing product matrix. In fact, the co-creation of ecological alliances with partners has given Lenovo industry-leading competitiveness in chip, system, and product appearance customization designs. Xiaokuailing’s business delivery capabilities and LeapIoT device management platform allow Lenovo to innovate scenarios. Landing.

In the future, Lenovo will continue to expand the application scenarios of edge computing, work with industry partners to improve the commercial IoT ecosystem, and continue to promote China’s digital development and intelligent transformation. As Amu said in his speech at the conference: “In the era of intelligence, Lianwan wants to create a’Sky Ecology’ together with its product/solution-side ecosystem partners, integrate the technologies and products of both parties, innovate IT, and meet the needs of customers for intelligent upgrades; Cooperate with more types of client-side ecosystem partners to jointly build the “Lenovo 3.0″, which is customer-centric, collaborates throughout the journey, and expands and co-operates with customers.”

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