Roblox Outage Causes Players’ Migration to Among Us and Minecraft

Roblox outage causes players’ migration to Among Us and Minecraft, Roblox’s rivals. The outage began on October 28th and lasted for three days until October 31st, 2021. During that time, players weren’t able to access the game or even access the game’s website.

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The full-day outages began on October 29th and lasted until October 31st. In that period, the average time spent in the app declined by an astounding 93% week-over-week worldwide.

By analyzing other popular apps and games during that period, Sensor Tower’s blog post showed that Minecraft’s usage increased by 2% week-over-week.

However, Among Us, a popular social deception game, turned out to be Roblox’s users’ second choice since its usage grew by 6% in that period. On October 29th, usage in Among Us increased by nearly 12% over October 28th.

Moreover, Minecraft’s usage increased by 13% on October 30th, compared to October 29th. Alongside Among Us and Minecraft, Twitch, the popular streaming service, reported an 8% growth in usage in that period.

However, during the outage, average daily sessions for Minecraft and Among Us saw minimal growth. (Sensor Tower blog post)

When it comes to the number of downloads, Among Us’ mobile downloads peaked at 436,000 on October 30th, which was 44% more than they had prior to the outage. Additionally, this day was the game’s best day for installs since April 4th, 2021, when the game’s popularity started decreasing.

Also, on October 30th, 2021, Among Us earned almost $12,000, which was 11% more than before Roblox’s outage. Also, this was the highest revenue Among Us had earned in a day since July 2021. Since Among Us is a free-to-play mobile game, all of this revenue came from cosmetics and skins that can be bought in the game.

Roblox Outage

Roblox shared an apology for the outage on their blog. They stated that their team had been working hard on fixing the problem, starting from Thursday afternoon, October 28th. As it turned out, the problem was in the core system’s infrastructure overload.

Moreover, they stated that there had been a subtle bug in their backend service communication, which had caused many problems under heavy load. Furthermore, they explained this hadn’t happened due to the peak in external traffic, or any particular partnership problems, as it was speculated.

Instead, they stated that the failure had been caused by the growth in the number of servers in their data centers.

Also, Roblox shared that, to their knowledge, there haven’t been any losses in the player data.

Sensor Tower’s blog post reported that Roblox had seen a decline of almost 33% week-over-week usage during the outage.

Sensor Tower also mentioned in their blog post that their panel of installs had continued to show session counts based on attempts to access the game, even after the game had gone down. This info suggests that players were still hoping to access the game throughout its downtime.

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