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In recent years, there are many products in the social field, but most of them start from the niche area to get the volume in the social field, and the student-oriented Campus Social App has also gained a lot of attention from users this year. Recently, Seven Wheat Data retrieved 200 apps from the App Store based on the keyword “Campus Social”, and provided a comprehensive analysis of the overall situation of this segment from multiple directions and angles.

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The number of apps on the App Store surged in 2016, with 54 apps on the store in a year

The number of campus social apps in the App Store started to increase year by year from 2012 to 2016, with rapid growth in the later years. 2016 saw a surge in the number of campus social apps, with 54 products on the App Store in a year, doubling compared to 2015. It was in 2016 that “Banwai”, which focuses on campus love and dating, was launched.

From 2017 onwards, the number of campus social apps on the shelves has declined, but the number of apps on the shelves is more than 30 every year. Biu Campus” acquired by Byte Jump, “Summer” invested by Byte Jump, and “Real Ru me” launched by Ali were all launched after 2017.

Big manufacturers lay out campus social networks, and “Renren” returns to the battlefield

According to the top 10 data of campus social app downloads (the period of data collection is nearly a year), “Tencent Handybo”, “Summer”, “RenRen”, “Sakura Animation” and “Watch” are ranked in the top five in order, and the estimated iOS downloads are above 25w.

The second-ranked “Summer” is an exclusive love and dating campus social app for college students, which was jointly launched in May 2017 by a team of students from Peking University and Tsinghua University. Users are also required to upload their student ID or a card to enhance the credibility of their information, while those who use real avatars or take selfies can speed up the review. This high registration threshold has turned away some users, but has improved the overall quality and authenticity of Summer’s users. In addition, “Summer” also has strong social attributes for strangers, as users can choose to post anonymously and post dynamics, anonymously on the blackboard wall, and other operations.

This “true-false contrast” product color also attracted a group of college students. At the same time, it also attracted the attention of investors to Summer. At present, “Summer” has received three rounds of financing, two rounds from Challenger Capital and $3 million in Series A financing from Byte Jump. It is reported that “Summer” Pre-B financing plan is also in progress.

In fact, it’s not only ByteDance that is laying out campus social network, after investing in Summer, ByteDance acquired Biu Campus this year, Ali’s campus social app Real As Me is also in beta testing, and Jingdong launched Pear Wow Wow, which focuses on campus interest social network, in May this year. Users who have accounts in Jingdong can directly synchronize their account information and log in to “Pear Wow Wow”, and they can choose to change their simple account name and avatar, but they cannot change their campus authentication already in Jingdong.

The features of “Pear Wow Wow” are, firstly, the use of topics to bring users together, users can show their personal news in the square, and also share their personal experience under the topics; secondly, the use of user interest tags to expand the scope of user friendships, after taking a personality test in “Pear Wow Wow”, users will enter a planet interface, and each dot in the interface is another user with whom the user is more compatible. Users can choose to follow or chat with this user, and they can also have a 3-minute trial chat through the interest expansion column.

After the big players started to lay out campus social networks, RenRen, the first group to enter the campus social network, also returned to users on October 23 this year. “RenRen” still maintains the minimalist blue and white style, and also keeps the features of the web version such as the real name system, university homepage and chat (intranet), etc. The return of the old product also triggered nostalgia among many post-90s users. According to the monitoring of Seven Wheat data, “RenRen” has been in the top 5 of the free social list after it hit the App Store.

The industry as a whole is polarized, and college students have become the main battlefield

From the overall positive feedback of the screened campus social apps, 46.5% of the products have a positive feedback rate of over 80%, but it is worth noting that 40.5% of the products have received poor feedback from users, and the positive feedback rate is directly below 60%. It can be seen that at present, the overall positive reviews of the campus social industry are polarized.

1. College students are the main coverage group of campus social networking. According to the data of the 200 apps screened, 40% of the products are mainly launched for college students. Compared with primary and secondary school students who focus on studying, college students have more time and are more willing to explore the outside world through the Internet and show themselves through these platforms.

2. Most of the products for college students to fall in love and get out of love. To fall in love on a beautiful college campus is actually something that many college students aspire to. However, for college students who are shy or have a limited range of friendships around them, campus social apps can expand their range of friendships and find friends with similar interests.

3. The cognitive range of college students is different, and they may recognize the brand endorsement of famous universities more. In fact, for students, the scope of their contact is still very limited, and the recognized brand endorsement may be more inclined to famous universities and famous academics than users who have entered the society, which is probably the reason why “Summer” is recognized by many college students.

4. The college student group is highly mobile and their interests are constantly changing. This is a big disadvantage for developers who want to enter the field of campus social networking, because they cannot grasp the pain points of such users and launch products. Therefore, developers need to consider more when they want to enter this field.

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