Shopping App Ranking Soars

People not only remembered Apple’s product upgrades from WWDC, but were also caught up in the atmosphere of the 618 mid-year shopping spree. Many apps launched a series of activities to promote new products in line with the festival. Especially for shopping and lifestyle apps, the competition among products is especially fierce.

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Shopping App Ranking Soars

In the Mobile App Growth Top 100 (iOS), there are many products that have improved their rankings, such as Jingdong Finance, Octopus Input Method, Weishi, etc., which have improved their rankings by more than 40 places.

Shopping and Finance App Downloads Surge 400w+

During the 618 period, people started “bloodletting mode”, and shopping apps’ discount, rebate and group promotion activities effectively attracted a lot of fresh blood. During the event, SevenMarkets observed that shopping apps such as Jingdong, Taobao, Yitao, and Idlefish all rose in the App Store rankings. In fact, 618 is not only a great success for shopping apps, but also a great success for shopping apps.

In fact, 618 not only achieved amazing results for shopping apps, but financial apps also gained a lot. According to the list, Jingdong Finance and Cloudflare ranked relatively high, and the ranking of both apps had a large increase.

From the download situation of Jingdong Finance in June, we can see that the App reached its peak on June 19, with a single day download of nearly 50w, which is directly related to its “daily discount”, “lucky wheel” and other free lottery activities during the 618 period. This is directly related to its “daily discount” and “lucky wheel” free prize draw activities during 618, which attracted a large number of users to participate in them.

The rental and recruitment app market heats up during the graduation season

With the arrival of graduation season, there are a lot of young people who are renting apartments and looking for jobs, so it is a good time for rental and recruitment apps to attract new products.

According to the list, the ranking of 58 Tongcheng, Shell House Hunting and Boss Direct Hiring have all increased to different degrees. Among them, Boss Direct Hire rose 26 spots in the ranking, which is a big improvement.

Among the rental apps, Shell Housing has been growing rapidly since its launch on the App Store in March last year, and its VR room viewing features have brought users a good experience.

In June, the total number of downloads of Shell Housing reached 209w+, and in the recent month, Shell Housing surpassed the old rental products such as Chain Home and Anjuke in the ranking of the category (life).

A big change in the handicraft list, with many new explosive handicrafts

In this handicraft growth list, there are a total of 14 products on the list, except for “National Drift”, “Peace Elite” and “King’s Glory”, the remaining products are all new on the list. This shows the fierce competition among game products.

The list shows that Tencent has 5 products on the list and Netease has 2; the small games are from four overseas developers, namely Joyfort, Voodoo, Lion Studios and G vector. Among them, “National Drift” ranked second in the list, followed by NetEase’s “Cat and Mouse” in the third position.

For developers who have multiple products

In the June game list, Netease’s new handheld game – Sky Light Encounter performed particularly well. The product hit the App Store on June 21, and took the second place in the App Store total list (free) and the second place in the game (free) on the day it hit the App Store, and on the 22nd, the product won the crown of the App Store total list. Sky Light-Encounter

Sky light-encounter by the famous game designer Chen Xinghan elaborate, exquisite painting style, rich game scene, in many hand game products its biggest highlight is the magical healing effect, give players a kind of watching a Miyazaki movie game experience, let people feel calm inside.

This hand game is not only sought after by users, but also loved by Apple editors, and the product was selected 13 times in the App Store within 3 months of its launch. In just one week, it entered the new list, and the game shows the high popularity of the game.


Conduct activities to attract traffic to the App. This is done better in shopping apps, which even create their own festivals to promote large events. “After the popularity of “Double 11”, “Double 12” and “618” emerged. The operation of “festival” can not only increase the exposure for the product, but also effectively introduce huge traffic for the product in a period of time.

For products that do not have their own holidays, they can also prepare for activities in advance before specific holidays according to their own product attributes. For example, on the eve of the graduation season, rental products can be oriented towards graduates to make some activities such as free rental deposits, effectively attracting a large number of new users.

Apple’s recommendation

Product linkage to achieve a win-win situation. For developers who have multiple products, they should make full use of the resources in hand, and when they do activities or have needs such as attracting traffic, they can combine multiple products to jointly contribute to the goal.

Pay attention to the preparation before the product launch. The competition among products is particularly stimulating because of the huge number of game products and many competitors, so a new product must be well prepared before it is launched.

If you can get Apple’s attention and recommendation, it will certainly bring huge traffic to the product. Usually within a week of the product launch is an important time to achieve new users, during which you should show the product’s special attributes and try to get Apple’s recommendation as much as possible.

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guaranteed ios ranking


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