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DuckDuckGo is offering an iPhone-like feature for Android that stops companies from tracking you

The favored privateness browser app, DuckDuckGo, has revealed a brand new characteristic aimed toward defending the privateness of its Android customers. The brand

TikTok Expands Marketing Partner Program to Provide Assistance on Audio Elements

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TikTok is a “soundless” environment, which is a transformation for many marketers who are accustomed to building for “silent” situations

Mostly focused on showing gameplay: The first 3 video seconds

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We know we’re repeating ourselves, but just like for an ad the first couple of seconds of your video are crucial.

App Store keywords fall on the list frequently! Highly popular, non-compliant keywords are more likely to fall off the list!

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Some users have given us feedback that many products have fallen out of the keyword list. As we all know,

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