The Development Trend Of 3D Printing

The Development Trend Of 3D Printing

With the rapid development of the times, the comprehensive development of 3D printer technology and continuous technological innovation, in recent years, the 3D printing market around the world has also grown rapidly. ​The introduction of 3D printer technology in my country is slow, and it is somewhat different from overseas, but it has grown rapidly in recent years.

The country also attaches great importance to additive manufacturing. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual sales of the additive manufacturing industry will exceed 20 billion yuan, with an average annual increase of more than 30%. The important core and key technologies have been established at an international level of synchronous growth, the process equipment has basically met the needs of market applications, the construction of the ecological system has been significantly improved, and large-scale applications have been constructed in some fields, and the international development capability has been significantly improved.​

3D printing technology around the world has grown to ceramic 3D printing, polymer 3D printing, metal 3D printing and biological 3D printing, etc., and has been used in various industries. ​my country has also begun to attach importance to the research and development of 3D printing technology, and has made gratifying achievements in continuous research and development.

​As a new type of processing and manufacturing method, 3D printing is very different from traditional processing methods. Because 3D printing is formed by stacking layers, 3D printing can process some structures that cannot be processed by traditional methods. The integral molding of the hinge structure is one kind, and I will introduce it to you below.

The traditional processing method for the living hinge structure is to manufacture separately and then install it, which has certain requirements on the processing accuracy of the product, and increases the processing difficulty and costs.

3D printing can integrally form the living hinge structure without installation, as long as the model is designed as one piece when designing the model, and enough gaps are left in the movable hinge part.

The specific hinge movable spacing depends on the specific model structure. Generally, the spacing is 0.3 to 0.5 mm. If the movable hinge can be looser, it can be left larger.

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