The e-sports industry user scale exceeds 500 million

In the first half of 2019, the actual market sales revenue was 51.32 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 22.8%, and China has become the most influential and promising e-sports market in the world. The search index of the keyword “e-sports” is on the rise, and users’ attention to e-sports apps is gradually increasing.

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The e-sports industry user scale exceeds 500 million

Recently, Seven Wonders data retrieved the top 1000 search results (iOS) for the keyword “e-sports” and provided a comprehensive analysis of the overall situation of e-sports apps from multiple directions and angles.

The number of e-sports apps surged in 2021

From 2009 to 2015, the number of e-sports apps launched was small, with 144 products launched in 7 years. The number of such products began to break through in 2016, with 172 products hitting the shelves in 2016, nearly tripling the number in 2015. 2018 saw the peak of the number of e-sports apps, with 372 products hitting the shelves, averaging 1.02 apps per day.

The industry started late and was not well received by the public during its early development, but with the support of policies and the intervention of capital, the gaming industry began to see new changes. The broadcast of TV and film works also made more people start to contact and understand the e-sports industry.

The distribution of e-sports App is wide, and the game entertainment field accounts for more

Currently, e-sports apps are widely distributed in the App Store, including games, entertainment, social networking, sports, education, news, etc. The games sector is the first with 306 products, followed by the entertainment sector with 244 products.

For the new industry of e-sports, the initial contact with its mobile form is mostly in the game App, but with the development of the Internet industry, its display form also began to infiltrate into other fields, such as in 2016, the Ministry of Education included “e-sports and management” into the higher education profession, Tencent, Netease and other large companies As well as small and medium-sized manufacturers have responded to the policy and started to develop e-sports education.

A total of 673 products in the three major fields of games, entertainment and social networking are online. From the time of product launch, the number of e-sports App launch has been on the rise since 2016, among which 262 products were launched in the game field from 2016 to 2018, accounting for 85.62%, but with the gradual saturation of the market in this field, the speed of new product launch has been reduced this year.

In addition to the vertical segmentation of e-sports App, the three fields can also adopt additional related functions to attract new users.

Game makers are the main force, with 7 apps with over 10 million downloads

From the top 20 search results for the keyword “e-sports”, Tencent’s Penguin e-sports ranked first, followed by e-sports circle, Hupao, e-sports headlines, and Play Plus e-sports.

Although the e-sports industry has developed towards the sports field, game makers are still the main force in the industry, such as Tencent and Lianfei Entertainment, which export content to e-sports by means of games and live streaming.

At the same time, there are also segments represented by Crazy Snake, gaming fishing and gaming billiards that are popular among users. It can be seen that starting from the segmentation vertical area, the product can still attract a group of users’ love.

Among them, Crazy Snake is the first light e-sports hand game launched by Tencent. The game is based on Snake, so the gameplay is no different from that of casual games.

Players flexibly control Snake to achieve the goal of not constantly “growing” themselves, but the game also features new gameplay such as team battles, vampire battles and endless modes, and players can invite their friends to fight together and cooperate.

From the estimated downloads in the past year, there are 7 apps with estimated downloads of over 10 million (iOS). Other products in the field, such as Tencent Video and Youku Video, attract e-sports users in the form of film and television dramas and live video streaming.

And live streaming products such as Tiger Live, Douyu Live and Tencent NOW Live performed better. Secondly, Bixin, a skill-sharing-based escort App, also attracted a large number of users by inviting the full IG team and the full King’s Glory team Hero to the platform, as well as expanding the platform service content.

The overall rating of the industry is good, but the order needs to be regulated

The overall rating of e-sports App is more positive, with 58% of the App rating above 80%, but 30.60% of the App is poorly rated by users, with the rating below 60 points. The main problem of e-sports App is the existence of pornography and inducement services, such as some “gray services” and obscure keywords in the escort platform, etc.

App over-collection of user information (e.g. access to address book, request for positioning, etc.) is also a problem of such products. There is still a long way to go for the gaming industry to establish a perfect management system.

The issue of user privacy has always been a more important part of the national authorities, Apple and Android officials. Every so often this year, the national level will release some products that are mismanaged in terms of privacy, cautioning developers and companies about product mismanagement, while also allowing users to not or reduce downloads of such products.

And after WWDC19 this year, the Apple audit guide made new improvements to privacy protection, the products involved in the App Store need to complete the changes before September 3 and submit them to Apple for review. Developers are recommended to check themselves, avoid stepping on mines and make relevant optimizations to their products.

At the end

As an emerging industry in China, there are many aspects of the e-sports industry to start with. From the platform that is in the industry, you can launch-related App and take advantage of the support from the national policy to get the volume; while other industry developers can also add related functions and launch-related services in their own products, such as video platform can access live e-sports, education platform has e-sports education and so on.

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