The signing ceremony of Nan’an Core Valley’s entry project and the release of industrial service topics were successfully held

“Core Motion Nan’an Success Ishii”

On December 25th, the signing ceremony of the Nan’an Core Valley entry project and the launch of the industry service topic jointly sponsored by the Party Committee and Government of Shijing Town, Nan’an City, Quanzhou Core Valley Nan’an Branch Office and Liandong U Valley The meeting was successfully held in Shijing Town, Nan’an City. Twelve projects with a total investment of 400 million yuan were signed together. Member of the Standing Committee of Nan’an Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Huang Yuqi, Chief of Comprehensive Coordination Section of Quanzhou semiconductor High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee Chu Dazhi, Secretary of Shijing Town Party Committee Liao Xuwei, Mayor of Shijing Town People’s Government Wang Shenglan, Vice President of Liandong Group Gao Fei, Liandong Chen Bing, general manager of the Group’s Fujian Second District, as well as leaders of related functional departments, more than 50 corporate representatives, and news media were invited to attend.

The event specially invited Secretary Wu Guoying of the Party Committee of the School of Electronic Science and Technology (National Demonstrative Microelectronics College) of Xiamen University, Professor Guo Donghui, Professor Liao Tingquan of the Photonic Technology Research Center of Quanzhou Normal University, and Deputy of the Anhui Key Laboratory of Optoelectronics Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China Director Professor Xu Lixin, as well as institutions and industries such as Tsinghua Strait Research Institute, Quanzhou San’an Semiconductor, Aiji Micro Consulting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xijiao Hardware Technology Industrial Technology Research Institute, Fujian Anxin Semiconductor, China Chipset Cloud, etc. Experts attended.


The signing ceremony of Nan’an Core Valley’s entry project and the release of industrial service topics were successfully held

Panorama of the event site

Nan’an Core Valley, as the core area of ​​Quanzhou Core Valley, is a high-end integration demonstration zone of “Hong Kong Industry City” created by Fujian Province and supported by Quanzhou City and Nan’an City. It is also the country’s first high-tech direct positioning and development of “compound semiconductors”. Industrial Park. At the event site, 12 high-quality companies signed contracts to settle in Nan’an Core Valley. Among them, as one of the key projects of Nan’an Core Valley, the first 9 companies of Liandong U Valley·Nan’an Semiconductor Technology Enterprise Port successfully signed contracts, and U Valley’s industry services are wonderful The debut, empowering emerging industries, assisting specialization and innovation, and boosting the high-quality development of Nan’an core valley industry.


The signing ceremony of Nan’an Core Valley’s entry project and the release of industrial service topics were successfully held

Huang Yuqi, Member of the Standing Committee of Nan’an Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor

Huang Yuqi, member of the Standing Committee of the Nan’an Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, said in his speech, “At present, Nan’an is in a critical period of promoting high-quality development and transcendence in all aspects. We have seized the golden opportunities of the development and investment of emerging industries and introduced the highest quality public services. He empowers the platform and introduces more high-quality resources and talents to help Nan’an to “accelerate” and achieve new surpasses in the new round of high-quality development. Nan’an City will continue to optimize and improve the business environment, and use ladders to climb higher and borrow wisdom Xingye.”

Gao Fei, vice president of Liandong Group, stated in his speech that Liandong U Valley will enter the Xiamen-Zhangquan Economic Circle in 2020. Liandong U Valley, Nan’an Semiconductor Technology Industry Port, Liandong U Valley, and Nan’an Wisdom have been deployed in Nan’an, Quanzhou. Two projects of the Science and Technology Port, “Nan’an speed, core valley temperature”, in the fast-developing Nan’an in the new era and the vibrant Nan’an core valley environment, Liandong Group will adhere to quality development, build core capabilities in industrial services, and craft with heart” The high-quality industrial park, which is astonishing and loves at first sight, promotes the ecological construction of science and technology services in the park through investment, incubation, acceleration, and construction of digital parks, and helps Nan’an Core Valley to build a world-class semiconductor industry cluster.

Lu Quanfu, Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Coordination Office of Quanzhou Core Valley Nan’an Branch Office, introduced, “Quanzhou Core Valley Nan’an Branch adheres to the concept of high-end integrated development of port, industry and city. Build a full compound semiconductor industry chain with market-oriented core competitiveness. China Chip Valley, this is our future goal. At present, the park has introduced projects such as San’an Semiconductor, Fuchen Packaging and Testing, and Anxin Semiconductor Equipment. The overall output value is expected this year. It will exceed 4 billion yuan. Liandong U Valley is the first industrial operator introduced in the park, and it is also the first industrial operator in our domestic comprehensive strength to provide a good production and living environment for the enterprises entering the park.”

Chen Bing, General Manager of Fujian Second District of Liandong Group, introduced, “Liandong U Valley Nan’an Semiconductor Technology Industry Port, as a key project of Nan’an Core Valley, will focus on building a collection of semiconductor terminal applications, electronic information, semiconductor auxiliary materials and industrial chains. A high-standard industrial park for downstream supporting enterprises. The total investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan. It is estimated that the annual output value will exceed 2 billion yuan after reaching the capacity, and the tax revenue will exceed 100 million yuan. The 9 companies that will participate in the signing ceremony include 1 gazelle enterprise. , 2 specializes in special new enterprises and 4 high-tech enterprises. At the same time, with the strong investment advantage of Liandong, it gathers national resources and contributes Liandong to the development of Nan’an Core Valley.”

U Valley Finance is the core support point for Liandong U Valley to help enterprises innovate. Pan Junjie, Director of U Valley Financial Services, introduced that in order to solve the problems of financing difficulties and expensive financing for enterprises in the park, U Valley Finance has worked with major financial institutions to provide efficient and convenient financial consulting, debt financing, equity financing and other services. On the one hand, in terms of financing, loans, etc., it provides exclusive preferential interest rates for park enterprises, and quickly approves green channels and special loan products. On the other hand, it will also use market-oriented and specialized products and services to provide enterprises with “finance + incubation + industry” full life cycle entrepreneurial innovation services, and award Liandong to establish a science and technology incubation base and provide a package of service plans.

Li Chaoqun, head of the southern region of the Industrial Service Department of Liandong Group, focused on the needs of the government, enterprises and employees in the park, and the operators of the park, and analyzed Liandong U Valley’s mission of continuing to deepen the industrial park and provide refined industrial services. It also gave a detailed introduction on the development of high-tech enterprises and special new enterprises in the park, policy declaration services, human services, school-enterprise cooperation, collective procurement services, life services, and smart park construction.

Join hands with Nan’an to create a better future. Chen Ruoxing, general manager of Xiamen Xinyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd., spoke as the representative of the park. He said that Nan’an Core Valley’s industrial positioning and supporting facilities create a superior environment for corporate development, and the high-end image and comprehensive service advantages of Liandong U Valley provide companies with a strong Assure. Provide professional support in corporate financing loans, pre-construction plan customization, industrial resource integration, etc. Xinyu Electromechanical will start from entering U Valley Park as a new starting point, and then start on the road of entrepreneurship, adhere to quality development, adhere to specialization, special innovation, and strength Ensure industry leadership and contribute to regional development.


The signing ceremony of Nan’an Core Valley’s entry project and the release of industrial service topics were successfully held

Group photo of contracted enterprises

At the end of the event, the first batch of 9 companies from Liandong U Valley Nan’an Semiconductor Technology Enterprise Port and 3 companies from Nan’an Core Valley successfully signed contracts.

In the future, Liandong U Valley will continue to cultivate Quanzhou and integrate the big data investment system and industrial service experience accumulated by Liandong U Valley for 18 years to achieve precise investment promotion, empower enterprise development, and build Liandong U Valley·Nan’an Semiconductor Technology Enterprise Port A professional park integrating smart factories, technology research and development platforms, innovation centers and other functions will create a large-scale, clustered, and intelligent new industrial development platform, and make more contributions to the development of the regional semiconductor industry.

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