Tips for avoiding knife collision in CNC machining center

What are the tips for avoiding knife collision in CNC machining center? With the development of computer technology and the continuous expansion of CNC machining teaching, there are more and more CNC machining simulation systems, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, it can be used for preliminary inspection procedures to observe the movement of the tool to determine whether a collision may occur.

1. Utilize the analog display function of CNC machining center

Generally, more advanced CNC machining centers have graphic display functions. When inputting the program, you can call the graphic simulation display function to observe the tool trajectory in detail to check whether the tool may collide with the workpiece or fixture.

2. Using the dry run function of CNC machining center

The dry run function of CNC machining center can be used to check the correctness of the tool path. When the program is in the CNC machine, it can be installed on the tool or workpiece, and then press the empty operation button. At this time, the axis will not rotate, and the automatic operation will be tracked according to the planning worksheet. At this time, you can find out whether the tool may contact the workpiece or fixture. But in this case, it is necessary to ensure that the tool cannot be installed when the workpiece is installed; the workpiece cannot be installed when the tool is installed, otherwise a collision will occur.

3. Use the lock function of CNC machining center

The general-purpose CNC machining center has a locking function (full lock or single-axis lock). After inputting the program, lock the Z axis, you can use the coordinate value of the Z axis to judge whether there will be a collision. When using this function, you should avoid operations such as tool change, otherwise the program cannot pass.

4.Improve programming skills

Programming is the most important part of large-scale CNC machining china centers. Improving programming skills can avoid unnecessary collisions to a large extent.

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