What are the applications of alumina ceramics?

The bending strength of Al2O3 ceramic sintered products can reach 250MPa, and the hot-pressed products can reach 500MPa. The Mohs hardness of Al2O3 ceramics can reach 9. Plus it has excellent anti-wear properties.

1.Alumina ceramic plate

Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of knives, ball valves, grinding wheels, ceramic nails, bearings, etc. Among them, Al2O3 ceramic knives and industrial valves are the most widely used.

2. Alumina ceramics in engineering ceramics are used in electronics/electricity

In terms of electronics and electricity, there are various Al2O3 ceramic bottom plates, substrates, ceramic films, transparent ceramics, and various Al2O3 ceramic electrical insulating ceramic parts, electronic materials, magnetic materials, etc. Among them, Al2O3 transparent ceramics and substrates are the most widely used. .

3. Then alumina ceramics in engineering ceramics are used in chemical industry

In chemical applications, Al2O3 ceramics also have a wide range of uses, such as Al2O3 ceramic chemical filler balls, inorganic microfiltration membranes, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc. Among them, Al2O3 ceramic membranes and coatings are the most studied and applied.

4.The alumina ceramics in the final engineering ceramics are used in medicine

In medicine, Al2O3 is more used to make artificial bones, artificial joints and artificial teeth.

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