What is the Best Mobile Attribution Partners in 2021

When the time comes to look for the right attribution partner for mobile apps and games, it might not be that easy. There are different options on the market and each of them has its own strength and specificities. Let’s take a look at the best MMPs for attribution in 2021.

We want to help you find the perfect fit for your business and for your marketing campaigns, so in this article, you will find the best options on the market and what makes them unique. FYI: MMP stands for Mobile Measurement Partner.

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Top 11 MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) in 2021


AppsFlyer is one of the biggest mobile attribution tracking tools available on the market. It is mainly focused on the attribution of app downloads thanks to its technology that enables to know from which campaigns and from which media source come all the installs.

AppsFlyer allows you to make the link between app installs and marketing campaigns and thus, optimize your user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. One of its first priorities is security and privacy which makes it a safe option.

The platform is suitable for any size of business (including users with more than 1 thousand installs per month) and provides its users with deep analytics and performance metrics. It also enables deep linking and fingerprinting.

Adjust is another important attribution platform with the most developed Fraud Prevention system and a proper cloud system which also makes it one of the safest attribution partners in this list (most platforms use a third-party cloud system).

Adjust is not only safe but also powerful and offers a lot of insights on key metrics such as organic installs, clicks on ads and in-app events, as well as mobile analytics in general and uninstall and reinstall data. The platform enables its users to build audiences to track all the data they need in a strategic way.

Adjust is a mobile-only platform and is very useful to connect mobile users to which ads they interact with. Compared to AppsFlyer, Adjust is more adequate for small to medium-sized businesses with a lower download volume.

Kochava is an all-in-one audience platform that enables attribution and data management and provides key analytics. It is not only available for mobile but also for web, OTT and more. The platform enables to set alerts when main KPIs change (by emails, SMS, Slack) for its users to always be up-to-date and informed in case of an important change in installs, conversion rate or revenue.


Kochava can be an attractive offer to indie developers as it offers a free plan to users that agree to give access to their data. Kochava also detects ad fraud and protects its users from it. Another advantage of Kochava is that its users don’t need to add the SDK into the app: the installs are attributed directly through cloud integration.

In terms of company size, Kochova is a good compromise as it can be used by companies of any size and supports up to more than 5 thousand monthly users.

The branch is one of the newest attribution platforms, which also makes it one of the most innovative. It works with contextual deep links which means that it enables its users to have a follow-up on the whole funnel.

Something that differentiates Branch from its competitors is that it offers influencers analytics. It also supports different integrations such as email provider services and analytic tools, which enables its users to send in-app messages to their users and track them efficiently.

Tenjin is the most economical attribution partner on the market and it is quite popular. It allows its users to track their attribution for free and it also offers ad revenue LTV and cost aggregation. The platform also offers pro features for those who want to have access to more insights.

Tenjin offers a lot of integrations for its users to be able to track cost attribution and ad revenue. It is a good fit for gaming companies (it actually counts most of the best free games within its customers).

Singular is a performant platform that provides both marketing campaigns and attribution data. It offers more than a thousand integrations with all the main ad networks.

Branch from its competitors

Singular provides its users with lots of insights and enables them to identify the impact of anything that was spent on campaigns, which makes it a great tool to optimize conversion. As it combines marketing campaigns and attribution, it’s also a great option for developers and marketers to optimize everything within a single platform.

The platform is adapted to startups and small / medium companies that have more than 5 media sources.

Localytics is not only a mobile attribution platform but is described as a “mobile app marketing and analytics software”. In short, it enables you to have a detailed overview of how your marketing efforts are doing.

The platform offers A/B testing for communications which enables its users to optimize their marketing campaigns more in-depth. Localytics also includes geo-tracking which can be great for some specific app markets such as travel.

Localytics is adapted to any size of business, from small startups to large companies.

A/B testing to optimize campaigns

Tapstream is presented as an “app marketing toolkit” and offers mobile attribution, deep links, referral program and custom landings for app install campaigns. It also offers A/B testing to optimize campaigns.

The SDK integration is easy and with only one integration it supports hundreds of ad networks. Tapstream supports small and medium companies, no matter their quantity of monthly active users.

Dreamdata is a mobile attribution and revenue analytics platform for B2B businesses. The idea of Dreamdata is to present its users a transparent overview and analysis of their revenues and what drives them.

The platform provides a detailed understanding of the ROI (return on investment) of all the marketing actions and the marketing funnel of each B2B action.

Dreamdata supports any download volume and is adapted to small and medium-sized companies.

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