Which celebrity gave the perfect answer when asked an ignorant question?

In 2012, while promoting the movie Les Miserables a photographer crouched, as Anne Hathaway was getting out of her car, and managed to take a picture up her skirt. Soon enough that picture went viral.


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Obviously, this came to Anne’s attention and I can’t imagine how she felt, but the situation got much worse a few days later when she went on the TODAY show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer

As soon as the show started the first thing he says is:

Anne Hathaway, good morning, nice to see you. Seen a lot of you lately.

She laughs and pretends to not know what he’s talking about and tries to deviate the conversation from the subject by saying:

Sorry about that. I-I-I’d be happy to stay home but… the film.

He noticed that she was trying to make the audience think that he was talking about seeing her promoting her films all the time, and he decided to make what he was actually talking about obvious to the audience:

Let’s just get it out of the way. You had a little wardrobe malfunction the other night.

What’s the lesson learned from something like that? Other than that you keep smiling, which you always do.

She looks down, breathes deep and answers:

Well, It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad on two accounts.

One was that I was very sad that we live in an age where someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment, and rather than delete it and do the decent thing, sells it.

And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants., which brings us back to Les Mis because that’s what my character is.

She is someone who is forced to sell sex to benefit her child because she has nothing, and there’s no safety net, so… yeah, let’s get back to Les Mis.

First of all, what a brilliant answer to an ignorant, unnecessary, and shameful question.

Secondly, in 2017 Matt Lauer was fired from NBC because of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

Hey Matt. . . What’s the lesson learned from something like that?

Thank you for reading.

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