Wooga’s Switchcraft Promotes Diversity in Mobile Games

Wooga’s Switchcraft promotes diversity in mobile games. The company Wooga, a part of Playtika, made sure to point out the lack of representation and diversity within their dominant mobile game genre: puzzle.

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According to Wooga’s press release, the game features mostly black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC). Also, the characters are led by a strong female leader. This isn’t a common sight in the casual puzzle games category.

Moreover, Wooga stated that the game featured wider diversity, including various nationalities, sexualities, and disabilities. However, the diversity is not just thrown into the game, but it is embedded throughout the story, emphasizing the importance of representation.

Wooga launched the game on October 11th, 2021, on iOS and Android platforms. Users can choose to play the game in English, but the company is working on including twelve more languages, further contributing to the promotion of diversity.

About Wooga’s Switchcraft

Switchcraft’s primary focus is on the modern take on magic, which adds dynamic elements to the story. According to Wooga, Switchcraft is a casual game that combines interactive and narrative storytelling with match-3 mechanics. Moreover, the game style features a unique, graphic-novel art style.

The main character in Switchcraft is a young woman Bailey, who tries to discover why her best friend went missing. Her friends join her in the adventure, and they are all representations of different genders and races.

When it comes to Playtika, the company stated that this game would expand their offering and player base. Furthermore, Playtika revealed that they liked the idea of expansion in one of the most popular parts of the casual game industry – match-3 games.

Naturally, as Playtika explained, it was all due to Wooga’s position as a leading story-driven game studio, producing successful casual games.

Nai Chang, Wooga Managing Director, revealed that Wooga had been working on Switchcraft for many years. However, they stated that the team had managed to make the game launch-ready in only 18 months, which was a very challenging thing to do.

Nevertheless, the company succeeded, and Nai Chang wanted to thank all of Wooga’s employees for their hard work and contribution. Furthermore, Chang stated that the company’s vision was to become the player’s choice for story-driven casual games. Of course, he noted, the company wanted to deliver on its purpose to inspire joy both in work and play.

Moreover, in the press release, it is stated that Wooga’s expertise in narrative-driven games would reach a wide range of audiences. One of the most popular narrative-driven games by Wooga was June’s Journey, a leading game in the Hidden Object category.

Also, Playtika pointed out that Wooga’s players would add up to their already extensive monthly user base of 36 million players all around the world.

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