WWDC21 Challenge: Design for declarative device management in your MDM solution

Calling all MDM developers and enterprise administrators! Explore designing new declarative device management solutions that move management policies from the MDM server to the device. By sending declarations to the device and utilizing the status channel, that device becomes more autonomous and proactive. And your MDM solution will manage many facets of the device experience using the MDM protocol.

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WWDC21 Challenge: Design for declarative device management in your MDM solution

Begin the challenge

Start to identify important areas of the solution that would most benefit from adopting a declarative management approach. What one or more areas would that be? What challenges, if any, would there be to adopt this new approach into your solution?

If you are a developer of an MDM solution, you can consider how this integrates into your existing product. If you don’t have an existing MDM solution but are considering building a new one for general or specific use, how can declarative device management accelerate your development?

If you’re a device administrator at an organization, consider how you would want your MDM solution to adapt to the new paradigm. And consider those who use managed devices. How might this improve their experience?

Meet declarative device management

The future of device management is here: Learn how you can support mobile device management while allowing individual devices to be autonomous and proactive, bringing both increased performance and scalability. We’ll show you how you can incorporate this declarative model in your MDM solution.

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